5 best Free Fire pets for healing and combat support in June 2022

Here are the best pets to use in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Here are the best pets to use in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Pets are an essential piece of Free Fire since these creatures follow players all over the battlefield and bring specific abilities to help in a particular area. The price of these pets is typically set far higher than the price of the characters, even though they have a lower influence on the gameplay when compared to the characters.

The ability to sync the characters and suit the playstyle makes it easier to gain an advantage over the opponents. Due to the large selection available to users, gamers often find it challenging to choose a pet that can aid them in healing and combat situations.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and users in the country should avoid playing the battle royale title. However, they may engage in the MAX version, which is not among the banned applications.

Explore these pets in Free Fire for healing and combat support

5) Dreki


Dreki can aid players in collecting information for combat. The owners of this pet will be able to detect one opponent within 10m who is using a medkit. This information is accessible for three seconds in total. At the highest level, gamers can spot four opponents using medkits, and the range and duration are increased to 30m and 5 seconds, respectively.

The information collected using this pet's abilities is essential in many ways. As the zone gets smaller and many players are around, users will get to know about the enemies around them when using medkits. Similarly, they can also gate-keep for users around the zone waiting to get inside.

4) Beaston


Beaston's Helping Hand increases the throwing distance of utility items like Grenade, Gloo Wall, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade by 10% at the first level. At the maximum level in Free Fire, the throwing distance of all utility items will be significantly increased by 30%.

Individuals widely use the pet in competitive play primarily due to the increased distance of throwing the frag grenade and eliminating the enemy at a distance. Simultaneously, increasing the reach of Gloo Wall grenades can help users create cover at an adequate distance in the open areas.

3) Ottero


Ottero has a unique ability that will come into effect when players use Treatment Pistol or Medkit. The recipient of the HP will also recover some additional EP. The amount of EP is set at 35% of the HP recovered at the first level. At the same time, gamers will get as much as 65% of HP recovered as EP at the highest level.

The pet provides additional EPs that can be converted into HP at one per second. When the pet is coupled with K, this conversion rate receives a 500% buff of 5 EP to HP every second, equivalent to any other character with healing ability.

2) Detective Panda


Detective Panda possesses one of the easiest skills to understand and use within Free Fire. Once a player has killed an opponent, the Panda's Blessings skill provides them an additional four health points. The amount of HP replenished will increase gradually with the rise in the level and is set at 10 HP per elimination at level 3.

This 10 HP may not look desirable initially, but it might translate into an additional opportunity to attack the opponent. When coupled with characters like Jota, users get HP upon knocking and eliminating an opponent.

1) Mr. Waggor


Mr Waggor is arguably one of the most utilized pets in Free Fire. It comes equipped with the Smooth Gloo ability that enables gamers to receive 1 Gloo Wall grenade every 120 seconds when they have none of these available. After the pet achieves its maximum level, this ability is activated when gamers possess less than two Gloo Wall grenades and supply one every 100 seconds.

Gloo Walls are the game's most significant utility item, particularly at higher levels. It allows users to attack or defend themselves on open terrain, providing instant cover. This is frequently the deciding factor between victory and loss when playing at higher levels.

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