5 best Free Fire tips to get more Booyah in squad mode (May 2022)

Strategies to win gunfights in squad mode (Image via Sportskeeda)
Strategies to win gunfights in squad mode (Image via Sportskeeda)

Garena's prominent shooter, Free Fire, has garnered an incredible player base, leading to a significant rise in competition. Due to this enhanced competition, outplaying opponents in Free Fire has become a laborious task.

That said, for obvious reasons such as increasing the ID level, K/D ratio, and win-percentage quickly, every gamer wishes to win more matches. Booyah is what players get when they win a match. This means the more times you win, the more Booyah you get.

To make the mission of getting a Booyah every time you play the game easy, readers can take advantage of a few match-winning and tactical pointers provided in this article.

Disclaimer: Free Fire is banned in India. Consequently, players from the country must access their FF IDs via the MAX variant.

Five Free Fire tips and tricks to dominate every squad match

1) Each member of the team should play a specific role


Players should be ready to deal with any kind of combat situation. Short, mid, and long-range fights are key elements in the game. However, not everyone is great at all three ranges; some are excellent at sniping, while others perform better in close-quarters combat.

Mainly, there are three types of roles that Free Fire players can play: Rusher, Sniper, and IGL/supporter/assaulter. Rushers should be quick on their feet and have decent accuracy. Snipers, on the other hand, must be capable of handling sniper rifles during intense combat situations. And lastly, an IGL (In-Game Leader) should be present to guide teammates.

The IGL can play the role of a supporter and an assaulter simultaneously. Two rushers, a sniper, and an IGL can make a four-man squad. In short, all players on the team must have expertise in distinct sectors.

2) Play as a team, and never think of self benefits


One of the major weak points of a team not winning matches is that each athlete thinks they are playing for their own glory. These players care only about kills and not about the overall placement of the entire squad.

To dominate the opposing party, the members of the whole team should complement each other. For example, if the foe is deploying gloo walls continuously in an open area, all members of the team should spray bullets together to break the wall and subsequently confirm the elimination without caring about who gets the kill point.

3) Build a team-wide ideal character combination


Every Free Fire character has unmatched powers, due to which their selection comes across as a significant task. Essentially, gamers must choose characters according to their playstyle and the role they want to undertake. At the same time, they should also assess the overall team's character-skill combination.

Having a prime combination of abilities will lead the whole squad to last longer and help them win the game.

Rushers can equip the skills of Kelly, Alok, Hayato, and Moco. Snipers can go with Rafael, Laura, Wukong, and D-Bee's character abilities. The IGL may carry skills that supplement other teammates; Dimitri is one of the most recommended characters for IGLs.

4) Coordination among teammates


It is now time to address the most important factor affecting squad gameplay, coordination between teammates.

Most players move around in the game without having any further planning or tactics. To increase their chances of winning in Free Fire, the team must have a strategy in place, and each member of the team should adhere to the IGL's commands to implement the strategy.

Players ought to listen to each other's calls and take immediate action if necessary.

5) Always keep an eye on the safe zone


Zones are a non-avoidable aspect of Free Fire matches. If you're unable to get to safe zones in a timely manner, the match will undoubtedly be snatched from your hands. This is why safe zones should be prioritized the most if you're looking to get a Booyah.

As soon as the safe zone appears, try to get inside it. If it is farther, use Misha's ability to enter the zone with vehicles.

Note: This article is entirely based on the author's personal opinion.

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