5 Free Fire MAX tips to win more Clash Squad matches easily

Tips for the Clash Squad game mode (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tips for the Clash Squad game mode (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Clash Squad is one of the two modes offered in Free Fire MAX and is considerably different from the regular battle royale one. Here, players are divided into two teams of four players and fight it out on a smaller map area across multiple rounds.

A team's main objective is to win four rounds to win the match. More importantly, gamers need to purchase weapons using coins they get at the end of each round, adding another layer to the gameplay.

Since it is significantly different from the regular battle royale mode, players cannot employ the strategy they use in that mode to win Clash Squad matches. They must use different characters and pets and also use a better gameplay strategy.

Winning Free Fire Clash Squad games made easy with these five tips

5) Do not neglect pets

Rockie reduces cooldown time in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)
Rockie reduces cooldown time in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Although pets do not have the degree of influence to turn matches on their heads single-handedly, these creatures are still important in Free Fire MAX. Users should only employ pets that can contribute to their gameplay to win more matches. These selections must be made in tandem with the characters to get the upper hand.

For instance, using Falco in Clash Squad games makes no sense as it only boosts the landing speed, which is of no use in the mode. Similarly, Shiba is also practically useless in any given game mode. Instead, gamers can utilize Rockie to reduce the cooldown duration, Beaston to increase the distance of throwables, or even Ottero to get additional EP while recovering HP.

4) Effective use of utility items


Irrespective of the game mode, utility items are of utmost importance. However, it becomes particularly important in the Free Fire MAX Clash Squad mode, where the play area is relatively smaller. A well-placed grenade may turn the tide of battle by knocking out multiple opponents in one go.

Moreover, Gloo Walls are indispensable in close-range fights and can provide essential cover when users are in the open. They can be used to heal and revive teammates, thus improving the chances of winning the round.

Since users can only acquire a limited number of grenades and Gloo Walls, they must employ them with great care and finesse.

3) Characters and the combination play an essential role

K can be particularly good in Free Fire MAX Clash Squad games (Image via Garena)
K can be particularly good in Free Fire MAX Clash Squad games (Image via Garena)

Similar to pets, only some Free Fire MAX characters are helpful in the Clash Squad mode. Users should avoid characters whose abilities cannot be implemented in these matches, including Notora and Misha.

Players can use a character with a healing ability to get their HP back when they have run out of medkits. This includes options like K, Alok, and Dimitri. At the same time, Skyler's Riptide Rhythm is also a great ability as it can quickly destroy Gloo Walls while providing a healing effect after placing the same.

Furthermore, character combinations can include figures with passive abilities, like those of Jota, Jai, Hayato, Shirou, Moco, and more, which can help provide an advantage. This entirely depends on the player's choice and the game style.

2) Coordination is essential


Free Fire MAX Clash Squad mode is played in teams, so playing together as a unit is very important. The purchases should be coordinated; hence, gamers should get the weapons together while saving the coins for the next round if needed. Getting an AWM when the team has inferior weapons makes no sense.

At the same time, users should also drop weapons and other items off for their teammates to ensure that everyone is on the same page in case of armaments. Team play also involves providing timely support and revivals as well.

Coordiantion can be improved by playing with friends, as there will be more communication happening in general.

1) A balanced approach in each round is important


Users should employ a balanced approach to each; playing too passively or aggressively will generally have an unfavorable outcome in this mode. Rather than rushing in every round, gamers can carefully occupy key areas on the map and wait for the opponent to push to eliminate them.

Players can also consider outflanking enemies in critical situations to quickly get kills. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that rushing is terrible, and players can think about pushing the opponent directly for a few rounds to keep them guessing.

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