5 reasons why Chrono is the best Free Fire character for aggressive players

 Chrono is a great character for an aggressive playstyle (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Chrono is a great character for an aggressive playstyle (Image via Garena Free Fire)

When it comes to playing aggressively in Free Fire, there are a few characters that fit the requirement. However, among all of them the name Chrono strikes fear into the hearts of opponents during a match.

Chrono is not just one of the best characters for aggressive players in-game, he is probably the best. Skilled players knowing how to utilize his special ability can dominate a match with ease.


Top 5 reasons why Chrono is a great character for an aggressive playstyle in Free Fire

5) Can rush in open ground thanks to the force field


Chrono is one of the few characters in Free Fire with which players can risk a rush in open ground. Given that he can deploy his force field to take cover and shoot, enemies often fall back rather than engage.

While most characters are forced to deploy a gloo wall or find natural cover to hide behind, Chrono can stand in the open and lay down suppressing fire at will. This is a great strategy to employ when trying to rush with a full squad, as it will allow the entire team to rush without worry of being beamed.

4) Can aim down sight with ease once inside the force field


Rather than gun and run using hip fire during a close range engagement, players using Chrono can stand their ground and aim down sight to land clear headshots at close range. Thanks to the force field, there's no need to spray bullets to try and land damage.

This method is made more potent when the entire squad can be housed within the force field's area of influence. Having a full team aiming down sight and landing accurate shots at close range can devastate an enemy team in Free Fire.

3) Force field can suplement gloo walls


In a difficult situation, or when surrounded by enemies in Free Fire, instead of using a 360° gloo wall trick to gain cover, Chrono can simply put up a force field and stay safe within it.

Unlike other characters that have to either use gloo walls for defense or try to find natural cover, players using Chrono can relax to an extent and not worry about always having a full stack of gloo walls in their inventory.

2) Gives players a second chance to fight


At times during an engagement in Free Fire the enemy team gets the upper hand. In this situation players have two options: Retreat to safety if possible, or fight till the end. However, with Chrono there is always a third.

The last thing opponents expect is a team on the verge of being eliminated fighting back, and yet this is where the force field ability shines. Players can surprise their opponents by using the special ability and fire back with full force. Even if the damage dealt is not enough to stop the enemy team, it may still force them to fall back.

1) The special ability has no effective counter


Unlike most characters in-game who have a special ability, the one thing that makes Chrono stand out in Free Fire is the fact that there is no effective counter to his ability.

While it is possible to enter the force field and get a clean elimination, most of the time this won't be possible. In short, brute force tactics will not be a very good counter, and the only way to counter Chrono's special ability will be to outsmart the opponent.

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