5 reasons why Free Fire players fail to reach Heroic tier while pushing rank

Avoid making these mistakes while pushing to Heroic rank in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Avoid making these mistakes while pushing to Heroic rank in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Pushing for Heroic rank in Free Fire is no easy task. The competition is fierce, and every player enters the match with a mindset to win. Given that the requirement to reach and stay in the rank is 3125 RP or higher, acquiring that many points will take a lot of time

However, as shown by so many players, reaching the tier is possible. While it takes some time and lots of effort, the push is possible. One reason so many players are unable to get to the rank is making a few mistakes along the way.


Five habits to kick for Free Fire players looking to reach Heroic tier while pushing rank

5) Choosing the wrong character and playstyle


Choosing the wrong character in Free Fire is not just a minor inconvenience but a major mistake. Not picking the correct choice to suit the playstyle will hamper the match in every possible way.

At times, picking an aggressive character in every match is not the right strategy, especially when pushing rank as a team. Knowing which character to choose to compliment the playstyle or the team's needs is important.

4) Playing too aggressively


Playing too aggressively in Free Fire is never a good idea. While it may work in the lower ranks, opponents begin to outsmart and outplay their aggressive strategies as players push towards higher tiers.

Choosing a super-aggressive character like Chrono, whose Time Tuner ability easily stops bullets, will also not work. Gamers will need to rethink and change up their playstyles when required during a match to win.

3) Early game mistakes


The early game is undoubtedly the most important phase of any match in Free Fire. Depending on how gamers utilize the early game, the game can either end in success or failure.

Knowing how to utilize the early game perfectly is an important aspect of pushing ranks. Getting high-tier loot, securing supplies, and rotating to an excellent position to gain zone advantage are just some basics that must be mastered.

2) Being carried in lower ranks by experienced teammates


Playing with experienced teammates is a good way to rank push in Free Fire. An excellent strategy with good coordination will enable users to secure Booyahs at a swift pace. However, there is a downside.

Often, players in team matches fail to carry their weight. They rely heavily on their teammates to push and win games. While in the lower ranks, this strategy may work, as gamers begin pushing into the Diamond tier, their progress is cut short due to massive skill gaps.

1) Not enough in-game practice


Despite being good at Free Fire, there will always be someone better. Players need to constantly adapt to new meta shifts, evolve their playstyle, and learn to outsmart their opponents with ease. They can only do this with a lot of practice and patience.

Users need to grind away until every aspect of Free Fire has been mastered. Perfect landing in every match, flawless rotations, and ideal strategic execution is the only way to reach the Heroic tier.

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