5 reasons why gloo wall is the best utility feature in Free Fire MAX

Mastering how to use gloo walls in Free Fire MAX is vital to winning matches (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mastering how to use gloo walls in Free Fire MAX is vital to winning matches (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Gloo walls play a crucial role in Free Fire MAX. They can be used in numerous ways for various purposes. Players can use them to rush opponents without taking damage, block incoming fire, and even trap enemies in corners.

However, aside from these uses, they are the best utility item in-game for several other reasons. Understanding why they are so important will help players appreciate and master them in-game.


Here's why gloo walls are the best utility items in Free Fire MAX

5) Easy to use


Although gloo walls are difficult to master, they are indeed easy to use. Beginners can understand the basics of using a gloo wall after playing a few matches. They will be able to use it to defend themselves in battle and block would-be attackers.

With a bit of practice, they'll soon be rushing opponents with the help of gloo walls and mitigating explosive damage in-game. From here on out, trial and error will be required to perfect the item's usage in combat.

4) Can be found all over the map


Finding weapons and items in Free Fire MAX is largely based on luck. Players can land and find their entire loadout in a small region, and at other times, they'll have to move about to find even a basic weapon.

Thankfully, when it comes to gloo walls, finding them during a match is easy. Given their high spawn rate and availability, players can find them lying about all over the map.

3) Can be made stronger in-game


Gloo walls are one of the few utility items in-game that can be made stronger. Players can employ a number of character abilities and pets to improve the functionality of their gloo walls in combat.

For instance, Robo's Wall Enforcement ability grants a shield in front of the gloo wall. This shield has 100 HP and adds an extra layer of protection to the item. Nairi's Ice Iron ability is also a good choice as it can be used to replenish the durability of the gloo wall.

2) Makeshift ladder


Not all structures can be scaled in Free Fire MAX. This makes obtaining high ground impossible. Thankfully, with a bit of careful placement and planning, players can use gloo walls to get to the very top of buildings.

By stacking gloo walls on top of each other, players can tactfully scale the sides of buildings and reach new heights. However, there is a downside involved. Players tend to take fall damage while going down from such heights

1) Good protection from attacks


One of the salient features of gloo walls in Free Fire MAX is their ability to absorb damage. They can soak up gunfire and even explosions to keep those behind them safe. Depending on how they are placed, users will be well protected.

As players learn how to execute certain tricks, they can drastically improve the utility of the gloo wall. At its height, gloo walls can even be used to gain protection in a 360-degree arc.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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