5 reasons why most players fail to reach Heroic in Free Fire MAX

Reaching the Heroic rank in Free Fire will require some careful planning (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Reaching the Heroic rank in Free Fire will require some careful planning (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Matthew Wilkins

Reaching the Heroic rank in Free Fire MAX is no easy task. Although it's not as difficult as the Grand Master, it can get challenging. With the skill gap and enemy skill levels increasing over time, winning even a single match becomes next to impossible.

Besides skill, there are other factors at play that can hamper a player's ability to perform well. This can lead to a slow rank push and may even affect the K/D ratio in a negative way.


5 things players should avoid if they want to reach the Heroic rank in Free Fire MAX

5) Extremely aggressive playstyle


Having an aggressive playstyle is not a bad strategy in Free Fire MAX. In fact, it's one of the best ways to secure kills, drive up the K/D ratio positively, and win matches. However, there is a downside as well.

In the pursuit of earning more points, some players go overboard with an aggressive playstyle. They tend to forego strategies and tactics in favor of brute force. In doing so, they eventually land themselves in trouble and get eliminated from the match.

4) Wrong character combinations


Having a good character combination is a very important aspect for winning ranked matches and reaching the Heroic tier. With a strong blend of abilities, players will be able to enact multiple strategies to come out on top of things in combat.

Unfortunately, most players fail to build a balanced character combo. They either use abilities that have no tactical value or don't fit in with their playstyle. While this does not mean that being eliminated is guaranteed, it does lower the odds of success.

3) Poor coordination among teammates


Playing with a team in Free Fire MAX can be eventful and rewarding. However, that's not always the case. Teammates often fail to follow any instructions, and an individual mindset remains in place.

While players cannot be blamed for their team's poor performance, they can be at fault for choosing poor teammates. This will lead to stagnation in the rank-push and stop them from ever reaching the Heroic tier.

2) Attempting to land in hot-drop locations


The goal of any ranked match in Free Fire MAX is to secure kills to earn points. With this objective in mind, players tend to target hot-drop zones. These are active regions on the map that see a lot of fighting early in the game.

This ensures that from the moment a player lands, they are able to intercept opponents and kill them. Sadly, given the number of enemies in one area, the odds of getting killed are extremely high. This is the outcome for most players who attempt this risky strategy.

1) Not playing regularly


While most major mistakes are made in the gaming world during a ranked Free Fire MAX match, a few occur in the real world as well. Players often don't start playing at the start of the new season.

This wait shortens the amount of time they have to push-rank. Furthermore, even if they start on time, a few players do not play the game regularly. This makes it harder to reach the desired rank by the time the season ends.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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