5 most subscribed Free Fire YouTubers in India as of June 2022

Indian Free Fire YouTubers with the most subscribers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Indian Free Fire YouTubers with the most subscribers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Debolina Banerjee

Free Fire content creators often take to YouTube to provide fun and entertaining videos revolving around the battle royale game. In addition to gameplay, the videos on their channel showcase the events that the game comes up with from time to time.

India has the highest number of Free Fire players in the world, and its YouTube channels dedicated to the game have an immense fan following. The top five Indian YouTubers who create content around the game are given below.

Top 5 Indian Free Fire YouTubers with the maximum number of subscribers

Here are five Free Fire YouTubers who have the maximum number of subscribers on YouTube:

5) Desi Gamers


Amit Sharma runs the Desi Gamers channel, and his fan following is termed as Desi Army. Back when Free Fire was not banned in India, the channel’s esports team was one of the best in India.

Recently, the YouTuber also came up with his official music video, SAPNE, featuring Abhi Payla, which has garnered a view count of over 7 million. Aside from the battle royale game, he also enjoys Minecraft and GTA 5. The total number of views on his channel exceeds 1.88 billion.

Total number of subscribers: 12.9 million

4) Gyan Gaming


Sujan Mistri, the creator of the channel, uploads videos on both YouTube and Garena’s streaming platform, BOOYAH! He is often seen collaborating with another popular YouTuber, Raistar, who has over 6.8 million subscribers. The most-watched video on his channel has over 27 million views and revolves around his gameplay with Raistar.

The YouTuber started uploading content to his channel over four years ago. He is based in Kolkata and Gyan Gaming has a total view count of over 2 billion.

Total number of subscribers: 14.1 million

3) Lokesh Gamer


Lokesh Raj has been entertaining his YouTube audience for over three years now and has a huge fan base in the country. Since he conducts a lot of giveaways of diamonds, he is fondly referred to as the Diamond King.

Aside from Free Fire, he is also into creating various types of vlogs and non-gaming videos. He is also into supercars and recently bought a shiny golden BMW i8. Lokesh has made several videos revolving around his supercar in the last few days.

Total number of subscribers: 14.9 million

2) A_S Gaming


Sahil Rana, the man behind the channel, is also the co-founder of X Network, a company that handles other content creators like Lokesh Gamer, Gyan Gaming, and more. His YouTube channel currently has a combined view count of over 2.3 billion.

He also uploads content on four other channels - Sahil Rana, A_s Highlights, A_S ARMY, and A_S SHORTS. He also makes a lot of non-gaming content and takes on fun challenges to entertain his audience. He is also an Instagrammer and has a follower count of over 1.7 million on the social media platform.

Total number of subscribers: 17.4 million

1) Total Gaming


Ajay, popularly known as Ajjubhai, launched the Total Gaming channel way back in 2018. He has a vast range of Free Fire content on his channel and is often seen collaborating with fellow YouTuber, Amit Sharma (Desi Gamers).

The biggest thing that sets Ajjubhai aside from all the other content creators is his anonymity. He has not revealed his full name, and most importantly, his face. Total Gaming too had an esports team that took part in various domestic as well as international tournaments.

Total number of subscribers: 32.6 million

Note: The numbers mentioned above were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change. Since Free Fire is banned in India, individuals from the country are recommended to play the MAX version instead.

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