5 tips to choose the best landing spot for rank push in Free Fire

Follow these tips to choose the best landing spot for rank push in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to choose the best landing spot for rank push in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Knowing how and where to land in Free Fire is an essential skill that players need to master. While it may look easy to pull off, doing it flawlessly in every match is rather difficult.

Landing in good locations during a ranked match can make all the difference for players. Good loot, zone advantage, and even a Booyah can all be earned by just mastering landing.


Follow these tips to pick the best landing spot in Free Fire

5) Look for areas that have natural cover


When picking a landing spot in Free Fire, players need to remember one important thing: to land in areas with some amount of natural cover, be it broken structures or buildings.

This is very useful as enemy teams that land nearby tend to find weapons and rush players most of the time. Depending on skill level and character abilities, fighting in open terrain may not be possible.

4) Land away from the plane's flight path


For players who want to enjoy a passive-rank push in Free Fire, landing at locations further away from the plane's flight path will be highly beneficial for several reasons.

Players can take their time and land without having to worry about opponents. Additionally, they can even loot without the fear of having to hurry in case an enemy player is nearby.

3) If choosing high loot areas land as soon as possible


Players need to be quick about it when choosing to land in high loot areas in Free Fire. They need to land as soon as possible, loot up, and rotate outward to avoid getting stuck in an early game fight which can be devastating.

To achieve this, players need to learn how to perfect their land to minimize landing time. Alternatively, players can even use Falco's "Skyline Spree" ability to land faster without much effort.

2) Avoid landing in areas that are surrounded by open terrain


While landing in empty areas is good as players can loot peacefully during the early game, landing in areas surrounded by vast open terrain is not. Several drawbacks may lead to quick elimination

Players who land in Free Fire areas with open terrain are liable to get sniped at with ease. Due to there being less cover, if engaged with an opponent, players will be left without many options during the match

1) Try to land at a spot that provides natural high ground


In Free Fire, being able to hold high ground is key to victory. Be it during a rank push or casual match, having high ground is essential. It provides a clear line of sight, and most opponents think twice before pushing uphill

Players who can land on natural high ground in a hotdrop zone or a populated area will enjoy total zone control. Players that are good with snipers will also hugely benefit from this strategy.

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