5 tips for Free Fire MAX players to rank up safely in Season 26

Rank up safely and easily in Free Fire MAX by following these simple tips (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rank up safely and easily in Free Fire MAX by following these simple tips (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Season 26 of Free Fire MAX is in full swing. With so many rewards on the line, being able to rank up and claim them is a matter of urgency. Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve the same.

While professional players can easily rank up, the average player tends to die often while trying to farm points.


Nevertheless, there is an easy way to overcome this hurdle. By playing a safe game in every match, players can earn points slowly but surely and rank up.

Use these simple tips to rank up safely in Free Fire MAX's Season 26

5) Focus on tactical gameplay


When playing in ranked mode, brute force and firepower is not a viable solution. Rushing head-first is a sheer-shot way to get eliminated. Instead, players need to rely on strategy and tactics to out-play their opponents.

For instance, if an opponent is hunkered down inside a house, rushing is not the best option. Instead, players should throw frag grenades and try to displace them. This will make it easier to storm the building and secure a kill.

4) Use Rafael to fight stealthily during long-range combat


Rafael is a powerful character in Free Fire MAX. His ability, Dead Silent, enables the user to shoot at opponents without being heard while using snipers and marksman rifles.

With the help of this ability, players can engage targets from a safe distance to secure kills. If headshots can be landed, getting an elimination is almost guaranteed. Furthermore, since no noise will be produced from the gunshots, players don't need to rotate after shooting.

3) Use abilities that boost survivability


Characters have diverse abilities in Free Fire MAX. Some provide offensive buffs, while others provide weapon mobility boosts. However, the best type of abilities to use to rank up safely are defensive ones.

These abilities are focused around helping a player survive longer in combat. They can either provide healing, damage reduction or improve the durability of Gloo Walls.

2) Before engaging targets, ensure strategic superiority


Although the target may seem easy to take out, looks can sometimes be deceiving. Often, opponents that don't look intimidating tend to be the most ferocious in battle. With such being the case, players need to engage with caution.

Thus, before engaging in combat, players must always ensure that they have strategic superiority. Things like high-ground and hard-cover will give the player an edge in the gunfight.

1) Scout the area before rotating


Before moving from one position to the next in search of opponents or loot, players need to scout out the area beforehand. This can be done using a scoped weapon or the naked eye.

Scouting the area will ensure that players are not ambushed by opponents who may be lurking in the shadows. Additionally, knowing the layout of the area will make it easier for players to approach the location from any side.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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