5 tips to use Gloo Walls like experts in Garena Free Fire MAX

Master the use of Gloo Walls in Free Fire MAX to win more matches (Image via Sportskeeda)
Master the use of Gloo Walls in Free Fire MAX to win more matches (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Gloo Walls are an integral part of Free Fire MAX. Players can make use of them in numerous ways depending on the situation. While they can be used for non-combat purposes, their primary utility is protection from incoming fire.


However, players need to understand how best to use the item in combat to utilize it to its maximum potential. Simply placing them during a fight is not going to yield many benefits.

Follow these tips to use Gloo Walls like professionals and experts in Free Fire MAX

5) Have an aim in mind before placing the Gloo Wall


Before placing a Gloo Wall, players need to ensure that the position it's been placed in has some tactical value. Simply putting a Gloo Wall will not help or provide any benefit.

For instance, if an opponent is attacking from the right side, placing a Gloo Wall oriented towards the left will leave the player open to attack. While the user can move to cover, precious seconds will be wasted. In this timeframe, the enemy will fire a few shots and inflict damage.

4) If an area has a lot of hard-cover, cut down on using Gloo Walls


Using Gloo Walls in battle helps improve the odds of survival during a Free Fire MAX match. They are invaluable when no other cover is to be found nearby. However, if hard/natural cover is available, players should conserve their Gloo Walls.

Although they can easily be found all over the map, using them up will not be a wise decision. As the safe zone shrinks and the late game begins, finding more Gloo Walls won't be easy. If engaged on open ground, players will be unable to fight back effectively without any cover.

3) Reaction time is key to using a Gloo Wall


Reaction time is vital in a gunfight. Free Fire MAX players who manage to shoot first are usually the winners. This same rule applies to Gloo Walls. Whoever manages to place a Gloo Wall first will sustain less damage in combat.

Perfecting reaction time is vital to success as it helps the player place a gloo immediately when fired upon. While certain abilities will render the Gloo Wall useless, some protection is better than none.

2) Learn how to flawlessly execute different Gloo Wall tricks


With Gloo Walls being the dominant utility item in Free Fire MAX, learning the various tricks will be beneficial in battle. While simply placing a Gloo Wall is still acceptable, advanced techniques provide safety in different situations.

Two of the best Gloo Wall techniques are the "back run Gloo Wall" and "360° Gloo Wall." The former is used when wanting to safely retreat from combat, while the latter comes in handy when surrounded by enemies.

1) Use pets to improve upon the Gloo Wall's utility


If used correctly, Gloo Walls by themselves can provide a lot of safety and defense in Free Fire MAX. However, to make the most of this utility item, players can use pets to enhance their capabilities in combat.

Robo can buff the Gloo Wall by adding a shield over it. Beaston can be used to increase its effective throw range, and Mr. Waggor can be utilized to get free Gloo Walls when needed.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions. The abilities mentioned are at their maximum level.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha
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