5 tips for Free Fire MAX players to reach Heroic easily

Reach the Heroic tier with ease by following these tips (Image via Garena Free Fire MAX)
Reach the Heroic tier with ease by following these tips (Image via Garena Free Fire MAX)
Matthew Wilkins

Reaching the Heroic tier every new season in Free Fire MAX gets harder. As the competition evolves and new fighting techniques emerge, players are forced to adapt or be left behind.

This makes the process tiresome and many give up halfway. Fortunately, there are ways to make the grind easier and faster. Although success is not guaranteed, players will find it easier to rank up in-game.

Having difficulty reaching the Heroic tier in Free Fire MAX? Follow these tips to make things easier

5) Understand how to use abilities in conjunction with each other


Certain abilities in Free Fire MAX are more useful when used in conjunction with each other. While they are beneficial on their own, in unison, their power increases manyfold.

If users can understand and use combos effectively, they will gain a direct tactical edge in combat. This makes it harder for them to get killed and improves the odds of getting a Booy

4) Test out weapons in training mode to understand how they work


All weapons in-game are lethal. However, some are better than others in certain situations and circumstances. They improve the odds of winning in a gunfight by making it easier for the player to secure an elimination.

To fully understand which weapon is best suited for a particular job, players need to test it in combat. The safest way to do this is in training mode. With access to all weapons and plenty of targets, players will have no issues figuring out the pros and cons of a gun.

3) Try to survive until the ends zones in every match


For Free Fire MAX players who are not confident of securing points through combat, reaching the end of the match is a safer option. Although combat cannot be avoided completely, the odds of being eliminated are drastically reduced.

If players can play it safe and do not take unnecessary risks, they should be able to make it to the end. While this strategy is feasible, it does require a lot of skill and patience to execute.

2) Secure eliminations when risks are at minimum


One of the easiest ways to score points in a ranked match is by eliminating opponents. However, one false move during combat and an early exit is guaranteed.

To avoid this scenario, players need to play it safe and engage with caution. They should only pick fights when the odds are in their favor. Furthermore, to ensure success, they should try to ambush their opponent to catch them off guard.

1) Play a good squad if solo mode is not working out


After a while of rank pushing in Free Fire MAX, playing solo starts to become monotonous. This is more so if the player is continuously being eliminated during the early game. Thankfully, there is an easy way to overcome this problem.

Players should team up with other users and play in squad mode. With more players comes shared experience and flexibility in combat. With good coordination and communication, every match can potentially be won with ease.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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