5 Free Fire pets to avoid for combat support in February 2022

These Free Fire pets are not suited for combat support (Image via Sportskeeda)
These Free Fire pets are not suited for combat support (Image via Sportskeeda)
Matthew Wilkins

Although there are numerous pets to choose from in Free Fire, not all are well suited to combat support. Despite their well-thought-out abilities, they fail to function in actual combat situations.

This leaves users at a tactical disadvantage and brings them one step closer to being eliminated. Thus, knowing which pets to avoid using will help them make more informed choices.

Avoid using these pets for combat support in Free Fire

5) Dreki


Dreki's ability, Dragon Glare, allows players to locate enemies during matches in Free Fire. However, it is only triggered when opponents use medkits and are within a 30pmeter range.

This limitation makes the ability all but useless in real combat situations. Gamers are better off using Clu or manually locating opponents in battle. Hoping to find opponents using medkits is not a strong possibility.

4) Yeti


Yeti's ability, Frost Fortress, will allow users to take less damage from explosives in Free Fire. The damage taken from explosives will reduce by 30%. The ability, once triggered, has a cooldown of 90 seconds.

Damage reduction from explosives sounds excellent. However, most players prefer using abilities and weapons. Even if they were to take explosive damage, with the cooldown period of 90 seconds, the next explosion will, either way, eliminate gamers.

3) Shiba


Shiba's ability, Mushroom Sense, is great for Free Fire gamers who use characters such as A124 and K. It can help sniff out mushrooms every 120 seconds, and once one has been found, it will be marked for 30 seconds.

Even though the ability has its usage, mushrooms are not really tricky to spot. If players keep an eye out, they will be able to find the item with ease. Furthermore, once the EP bar is full, the ability to find mushrooms becomes redundant.

2) Spirit Fox


Spirit Fox's ability, Well Fed, helps users recover more HP. Whenever a medkit is used, an additional 10 HP is recovered by them. The skill is passive and can be used indefinitely.

While ten extra HP does sound like a lot, using a character ability would be more beneficial. It will free up the pet slot, allowing players to use pets that provide other bonuses.

1) Moony


Moony's ability, Paranormal Protection, benefits gamers by reducing incoming damage by 35%. This is activated when they are in an interaction countdown with an item.

Although Moony does have situational uses, it's always a smarter move to use items when enemies are not nearby. Even with a 35% damage reduction, if players are under fire when interacting with an item, they will be eliminated.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions. The abilities mentioned are at their maximum level.

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