5 tips to get more Booyah in Free Fire MAX

Follow these tips to get more Booyah in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena Free Fire MAX)
Follow these tips to get more Booyah in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena Free Fire MAX)
Matthew Wilkins

The ultimate goal of every Free Fire MAX match is not to get as many eliminations as possible, but rather to secure a Booyah at the end of the match. Winning the match is the main objective as victory is on every player's mind.

However, securing a Booyah is easier said than done, especially for new and inexperienced players. Nonetheless, there are a few tips that they can follow and implement to increase the odds of winning.


Follow these tips to get more Booyah in Free Fire MAX

5) Play with an experienced team to learn the game better


Playing with an experienced team is one of best ways to gain Booyahs in Free Fire MAX. With good coordination, teamwork, and planning, winning matches will become too easy.

In addition to winning and securing Booyahs, players will be able to learn from experienced teammates and develop gameplay sense, alongside mastering other aspects of the game.

4) Master landing headshots at any range


Perfecting headshots is a skill that is essential for every player in Free Fire MAX. While this requires a lot of practice, time, and effort, being able to master landing headshots will be a huge benefit to players.

During an engagement, hitting headshots will help players gain the upperhand by dealing huge amounts of damage to their opponent. Mastering this skill is essential for players who want to try their hand at solo vs squad matches.

3) Trade out hipfire for more accurate fire while aiming down sight


While hipfire is really good in Free Fire MAX, knowing how to shoot while aiming down sight has several advantages. For starters, aiming down sight allows players to get a better view of their opponent. Using hipfire to shoot at opponents peeking around corners is not ideal.

Additionally, while hipfire allows players to land headshots at close range, aiming down sight greatly increases the accuracy at longer distances. Players who are able to master this can effectively shoot at opponents before they are able to react.

2) Ensure the character and pet being used is at max level


Free Fire MAX Characters perform the best when they are at max level. Although leveling them up will take some time and cost a few diamonds, the combat bonuses gained will be hugely advantageous.

Alongside the characters, leveling up pets can be beneficial as well. While not all pets grant combat bonuses, those that do should be maxed out as soon as possible.

Depending on the playstyle, players should prioritize leveling only a few characters and pets to begin with. Spending diamonds on all of them at once will be a huge waste as they will simply not be used in most matches.

1) Adopt a safe playstyle


While playing aggressively does have its perks, adopting a passive and safe playstyle can be beneficial towards securing a Booyah in Free Fire MAX. At times it's better to avoid fights if it means making it to the end.

While this style of play is mostly used in ranked matches, players looking to secure more wins should master a safe playstyle. Contrary to belief, playing safe does not mean not fighting opponents. It simply means playing more cautiously and taking things slowly during a match.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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