5 tips to get good loot and zone advantages in Free Fire

Follow these tips to get good loot and zone advantages in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to get good loot and zone advantages in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Maintaining a zone advantage in Free Fire is an important aspect of the game. Players who are able to secure a zone or at the very least attain a good defendable position will find success in nearly every match. While securing a zone is a good way to improve the odds of winning, it can't be done without good loot.

Being able to do both of the above mentioned things seamlessly and effortlessly in-game will allow players to dominate most of the match. While it may seem like an impossible task, both can be achieved flawlessly by following a few tips.


Top 5 tips to find better loot and secure a zone in Free Fire

5) Land fast, land first


One of the most important tips to remember to get good loot and a zone advantage in Free Fire is to land first. Landing first will enable players to secure drop locations and collect the best loot.

Additionally, after collecting a weapon, players can then dominate the area, and shoot at opponents landing. This will either force them to change the drop location, or risk landing into incoming fire and face elimination.

4) Loot during the early game to get a zone advantage


During the early game of matches in Free Fire, securing good loot is of the essence. Players often land, find a weapon, and set out to find opponents to eliminate. While this method may work, not everyone is lucky.

Instead of finding a weapon and seeking opponents, players need to loot until they find at least level two armor and a good weapon. Additionally, gloo walls and medkits should also be collected and kept in the inventory.

3) Avoid hotdrops and edges of the map


While securing hotdrop locations in Free Fire can be beneficial for a zone advantage, most players won't survive the post landing phase. The best option is to land in safe or passive zones and loot up as needed before rotating.

While edges of the map and isolated regions are the safest, owing to the distance from the center of the map, landing in those areas may not be a good idea. Players will be forced to keep moving inward every few minutes, which will disrupt the ability to loot and look for opponents to eliminate.

2) Rotate from location to location during the match


An easy way to maintain a zone advantage in Free Fire is to keep moving within the zone. Staying in one place can prove to be fatal as the enemy can sneak up from behind and lay an ambush.

Moving within the zone will enable players to avoid ambushes and allow them to bypass opponents with ease. Additionally, players can also loot while moving and pick up supplies if needed.

1) Secure high ground when rotating to gain a zone advantage


When rotating to get better control of the zone in a Free Fire match, it is essential that players find high ground. This will enable them to spot enemies from afar and put a plan of action into place.

Furthermore, this is useful for dominating the area and staying safe as the zone shrinks. Most opponents will also avoid pushing uphill for a fight as it's not in their favor.

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