5 tips for surviving till last zone in Free Fire MAX (March 2022)

Learn how to survive till the end with ease in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena Free Fire MAX)
Learn how to survive till the end with ease in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena Free Fire MAX)
Matthew Wilkins

Surviving till the end zone in Free Fire MAX is no small task. While it may easily be accomplished during the first few games, players will slowly start finding it harder to stay alive for long.

This is due to several reasons, with the main one being that bots are slowly replaced with actual players. It changes the game's dynamics and makes it harder to stay alive. Thankfully, there are a few tips that users can follow to improve their odds of survival.


Tips to stay till the end of every Free Fire MAX match

5) Avoid engaging opponents


One of the easiest ways to stay alive in Free Fire MAX is to avoid fights. Even though this is the opposite of the norms of a battle royale game, it works efficiently.

All players have to do is actively avoid getting into fights with opponents. If engaged and given a chance, they should run away as soon as possible. Even though the K/D ratio will not improve using this strategy, players will still be able to make it to the end.

4) Move from zone to zone before it begins to shrink


Understanding how the safe zone works is an important aspect of Free Fire MAX. Players should always stay within the safe zone at all times to avoid dying to zone damage. However, most users take a bit of risk while moving from zone to zone.

They move after the safe zone begins to shrink. This can hamper the rotation process as opponents can ambush them, or they may run out of time to rotate. This drastically decreases the odds of surviving to the end. To avoid these issues, players should rotate at least 30 seconds before the zone begins to shrink.

3) Stock up on supplies


During the early game, players must invest a lot of time looting. This is done to ensure that they collect good gear and enough supplies to last for the entire match. However, not everyone understands this basic concept.

Without supplies, players will be ill-equipped to deal with opponents and may be eliminated. Even if the goal is to avoid all combat, healing supplies will be required to recover HP after being shot at.

2) Secure the high round as the zone shrinks


As the safe zone shrinks, the playable area will be reduced. This becomes more prominent as the end-game begins. Most of the map becomes untraversable, and attempting to move outside the safe zone will result in disaster.

This is a very dangerous stage of the game as there is limited space to run. To ensure that players have a fighting chance if engaged in battle, they must secure the high ground. This will make it easier to fight off would-be attackers.

1) Play stealthy when needed


While staying passive and playing it safe is the best strategy to make it to the end, not everyone enjoys the same. Some players like to play normally and fight a few battles along the way.

For those who enjoy fights, a stealthy style of play will suit them best. With the help of silencers and Rafael's ability, users can secure kills and keep pushing towards the last zone.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Edited by Shaheen Banu


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