5 tips to use Gloo Walls efficiently in Free Fire MAX

Follow these tips to use gloo walls efficiently in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)
Follow these tips to use gloo walls efficiently in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)

Much like its predecessor, players rely heavily on the gloo wall for defensive and offensive purposes in Free Fire MAX. While the visuals may have changed, the importance of this tactical item remains the same.

Seasoned players and veterans know exactly how to use gloo walls to maximize their benefit, however, newcomers and beginners may get a bit overwhelmed. Nonetheless, by practicing on a regular basis and following a few simple tips, players can master using this tactical item.

Top 5 tips to master gloo walls in Free Fire MAX

5) Perfect reaction time for deploying gloo walls

Although gloo walls in Free Fire MAX can be life savers, if they are not deployed correctly or on time, players may get eliminated with ease. Knowing when to deploy these tactical items is of the utmost importance.

Players should deploy them as soon as damage is taken or an enemy is spotted getting ready to fire. This will prevent players from getting damaged, and allow for a counter attack with ease.

4) Use 360° gloo wall trick when faced with overwhelming odds

The 360° gloo wall trick is a life saver in certain situations. However, due to the complexity of this skill, only select Free Fire MAX players are able to pull it off flawlessly in-game.

While this is difficult to master, players who can learn the trick will be able to defend themselves from incoming fire on all sides. This trick comes in handy when being third partied in-game, or when trying to escape after being surrounded.

3) Don't waste gloo walls if natural hard cover is available

Gloo walls are powerful tactical items in Free Fire MAX. They can be used offensively and defensively by skilled players. However, unlike medkits or ammunition, they are a bit hard to come by in some matches.

Due to them being hard to find, players should not waste them if not needed. When attacked by an enemy from long range, and if natural cover is available nearby, then players should simply use the natural cover to stay safe.

Additionally, Free Fire MAX players can also use Mr. Wagger to replenish their supply of gloo walls when running low. Although this option is viable, it will cost diamonds and the skill has a cooldown time as well.

2) Use pets to gain an advantage

In Free Fire MAX, pets are not just helpful during combat. They can also provide buffs to tactical items and help improve overall combat effectiveness in the true sense. When it comes to pets that can improve gloo walls, there is none better than Robo.

Robo adds a shield to a player's gloo wall allowing it to absorb more damage before being destroyed. When at max level, the gloo wall will gain an additional 100 HP.

1) During a rush always use a gloo wall to stay safe

When rushing into a fight in Free Fire MAX, using a gloo wall should become second nature. While characters like Chrono can charge in without using one thanks to the Force Field, using a gloo wall is the only way for other characters to stay safe.

Placing a gloo wall during a rush will allow players to lay down suppressing fire against opponents, while keeping them safe from incoming fire. Additionally, placing a gloo wall breaks the line of sight for the enemy, which hampers their ability to acquire the target with ease.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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