Free Fire auto headshots: Is it possible or not?

Headshot is the one-shot killing technique (Image via Sportskeeda)
Headshot is the one-shot killing technique (Image via Sportskeeda)

Players land on Free Fire's battlefield with the sole motive to eliminate their opponents, and to do so, guns play an irreplaceable role. The more damage foes get, the earlier they will get abolished.

A headshot offers the maximum possible damage that a gun can do, making it more efficient than continuously spraying bullets on the body. Hence, players can get a handy victory.

Moreover, gamers want to have a higher headshot rate to transform their in-game profile into a stronger one and stand out from the crowd. This is why most players seek different ways to make accurate headshots every time.

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Disclaimer: Free Fire is banned in India, and players from the country should refrain from downloading/playing it. They should play the MAX version instead.

Free Fire auto headshots: Is it possible or not?


The phrase "auto headshot" can mean two things. First, if someone is an extraordinary player who has mastered the unrevealed technique of headshots, second, if a person uses hacks, external means, in the shooter to make impractical headshots, which must be avoided for obvious reasons.

Giving accurate headshots is a skill that some professional players have, while the community has witnessed many FF accounts for their ban because of using illegitimate means in the game to do so. Therefore, users are never advised to destroy the game's originality.

There is no such setting available in Free Fire that automatically allows players to make headshots. However, anyone with a hard grind and practice with a proper set of settings can increase their headshot percentage and become a pro in making headshots.

The following are some generalized settings that players can use as standard and start grinding to extract the best set for themselves:

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1) Sensitivity settings

  • General: 90-100
  • Red Dot: 85-100
  • 2X Scope: 85-100
  • 4X Scope: 90-100
  • Sniper Scope: 65-75
  • Free Look: 30-50 (generally, it doesn't affect headshots)

Note: The sensitivity settings are subjective to the device's aptitude and gamers' playstyle. Hence, they must play multiple times with varying settings to get the most suitable one for themselves.

2) Custom HUD


The size and position of the fire button matter the most when making headshots. Thus, Free Fire players should check these two pointers first.

The smaller size (40-50) and lower position of the fire button will help you offer easy drag headshots. Dragging the fire button in the direction of the enemy's head is the most significant way to make headshots.

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3) Graphic settings


Graphic settings depend on the player's device. Generally, high-end mobile phones have a better processor, RAM, and other components to support high FPS and high-resolution settings. However, these settings can cause degrading gameplay performance for low-end devices.

To avoid laggy gameplay, players should keep the graphic settings either Smooth or Standard. It will help in making headshots.

Note: This article solely depicts the writer's views.

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