Free Fire Weapon Glory leaderboard explained

Free Fire Weapon Glory Leaderboard (Image by Sportskeeda)
Free Fire Weapon Glory Leaderboard (Image by Sportskeeda)

Free Fire is a famous battle royale mobile game that consistently releases updates to improve gameplay and fix bugs. The patch notes provide a detailed summary of the changes and additions made in each update. This information is crucial for players to stay informed about the latest developments in the game and adjust their strategies accordingly.

The update on January 11, 2023, to Free Fire has brought substantial improvements to the game, ranging from bug fixes to new additions. The congruent patch notes, released by the developer Garena, encompass a range of significant updates, including implementing the Weapon Glory Leaderboard.

This article endeavors to provide a comprehensive overview of these updates.

Weapon Glory leaderboard in Free Fire

Weapon Glory Leaderboard (Image by Garena)
Weapon Glory Leaderboard (Image by Garena)

The Weapon Glory Leaderboard in Free Fire allows you to demonstrate mastery of firearms to your acquaintances. One can enhance their Weapon Glory by defeating opponents in ranked matches.

The distinction in the form of a unique and displayable title, attainable by placement within the top 100, serves as a source of pride and validation.

Key aspects of this update in Free Fire

  • Separate leaderboards have been established for Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes.
  • It is mandatory to activate in-app location access to define your region and commence an illustrious journey.
  • Weapon Glory breakdown: The scoring model incorporates base scores, performance in ranked matches, and coefficients.
  • Upon initial access to the leaderboard page, the scoring model determines the base score by considering the player's weapon mastery.
  • The weapon statistics from each ranked match are transformed into ranked match performance points for scoring purposes.
  • The coefficient is subject to reduction if the weapon remains inactive for an extended period. The coefficient can be restored by utilizing the weapon to defeat opponents in ranked matches.
  • The leaderboard comprises the top 100 players, awarded a time-limited Weapon Glory title that renews every week.
  • The titles are divided into two categories, Paramount and Prominent, based on the player's geographic region and division.
  • The leaderboard rank undergoes a reset after each season, with a portion of the previous season's rank carrying over to the subsequent season.
  • The player's geographic location may be altered once per week.

Other notable features in the update

1) BR Battle Card in Free Fire

The Battle Card feature allows players to showcase their battle statistics and equipped skills on the loading screen before a Clash Squad match, and this feature has now been extended to the Battle Royale mode.


Battle Cards are visible to team members after leaving the spawn island, and players can customize the display of their stats.

The equipped skills are also displayed on the Battle Card.

2) New Items: Loot Radar & Jammer

Two additional items have been introduced in this update to enhance the user experience. The first, referred to as a "Jammer," obstructs specific devices' signals. The second, known as "Loot Radar," serves to aid users in locating valuable items in their vicinity. Both items have been designed to improve overall functionality and make the user experience more enjoyable.

  • Jammer
Jammer (Image by Sportskeeda)
Jammer (Image by Sportskeeda)

In Free Fire Battle Royale matches, tracing steps, UAVs, and other scanning props are imperative for surveillance and are often challenging to evade once deployed by opponents. The presence of a Jammer in the player's backpack, however, will safeguard against compromising the player's location.

Upon equipping the Jammer, the player will not be detected by Clu's Tracing Steps, Memory Mist, Dinoculars, or UAVs, and the minimap will cease to display the player's position. Jammers can be obtained through airdrops.

  • Loot Radar


Looting during the early stages of a Battle Royale match in Free Fire can now be executed with precision and efficiency, thanks to the introduction of the Loot Radar in Free Fire. Every player will be equipped with this tool at the start of each match.

Loot Radar detects all unowned and high-level loot within a 75-meter radius and notifies the player with a Pin every 25 seconds. Loot Radar is enabled by default, but players can disable it manually within their backpacks.

Loot Radar is now equipped by default for all Battle Royale players.

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