"If you’re a caster and content creator at the same time, you’ve to balance both things": Gaming Aura and Senor Mamba share their experience casting Free Fire together

Games & Friends features the popular Free Fire casting duo of Gaming Aura and Senor
Games & Friends features the popular Free Fire casting duo of Gaming Aura and Senor

The famous Free Fire caster duo of Gaming Aura and Senor Mamba interacted with Sportskeeda's Himanshu Chandnani in the latest episode of the Games & Friends, where they share their opinions and views on their friendship, favorite subject, and more.

Sportskeeda Esports' new series, Game & Friends, features gaming influencers having fun chit-chatting with one another. Guests for the third episode have some of the most well-known names in the Indian Free Fire community, as the duo won the Casting Duo of the Year award at the Free Free Fire India Esports Awards 2020.

Ranjit Patel, aka Senor Mamba, has been professionally casting esports for over five years and has previously worked for NODWIN Gaming. Apart from that, he periodically streams various titles on his YouTube channel, “MambaSR,” which has over 1,26,000 subscribers. The player is also a regular face at Free Fire events.

Abhishek Singh Bisht, who goes by the name Gaming Aura, is another prominent name in the Free Fire community. He is also a content creator and is on the road to 1 million subscribers. He currently boasts a count of 9,13,000 subcribers.

Here's a small extract from the interview.

"Aura has the best sense of humour" - Senor Mamba, popular Free Fire caster

Q1 Before you met for the first time, what was your sense of opinion or views toward each other?

Senor Mamba: I will be honest: I had no idea that Aura existed, and he had no idea who I was. We met for the first time during the technical check of the Free Fire event. After a brief chat, we began casting. I think some of the best stories stem in a way that is least expected.

Gaming Aura: I had seen Mamba at several events in the past, so I had some vague idea of who he was. I knew then that I was going to have an opportunity to cast alongside a prominent individual that day. We had to cast for multiple days, and he made me feel comfortable, and here we are, Free Fire Casting Duo of the Year.

Q2 In your opinion, what is the best thing that you like about the other and is there a suggestion which you want to give?

Senor Mamba: The one thing that I like about Aura is his humor; you won’t be able to notice it on camera as we have to be a little conservative because we are putting up a show. But when there is off-camera banter during the pre-show of a podcast or player interview, I am telling you, Aura has the best sense of humor. I don't think I want Aura to change as that is what makes him unique, and I enjoy casting Free Fire with him. I do not believe anything should be changed except that Aura can sometimes be hard to reach.

Gaming Aura: Mamba is a very knowledgeable person, and he knows a great deal about casting. He is in a completely different league, and I am learning more and more from him as time passes. I have no suggestion for Mamba because it is good in every aspect.

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Q3 Do you have a favourite thing that you like to do when you are not working?

Senor Mamba: Sleeping, as we barely get to sleep for 6 hours. Trust me, if you’re a caster and content creator at the same time, you have to balance both things, and it’s impossible to find free time.

Gaming Aura: My answer would be gaming.

Q4 Given the opportunity to born in another time period, would you take it? If yes, what time period it would be?

Gaming Aura: If I had the chance, I would have liked to have been born in my hometown around 25 years ago.

Senor Mamba: Assuming that we will not have the knowledge that we possess, I wouldn’t change anything. Having been born in 1997, I have been a part of the early days of the internet, gaming, and esports. The timeline in which I was born seems to have been perfect.

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Q5 What was your favourite subject?

Gaming Aura: I found Science to be my favorite one of them all.

Senor Mamba: I would say Science as well, but I was not too fond of Chemistry. It’s ironic that my dad is a Chemical Engineer, and I hated Chemistry.

Q6 What’s your hidden talent?

Gaming Aura: To me, writing is something I enjoy doing. Quotes, poetry and deep thoughts are a few of the things that I am interested in writing.

Senor Mamba: I think I would probably choose cricket. I feel very comfortable playing the game.

Q7 What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Family and Friends, respectively?

Gaming Aura: The first thing that comes to my mind is, 'Everything.'

Senor Mamba: When talking about friends, I would say backbone.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji
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