Top 7 tips to clutch 1v4 situations in Free Fire MAX

Follow these tips to clutch 1v4 situations in Free Fire MAX (Image via Free Fire MAX)
Follow these tips to clutch 1v4 situations in Free Fire MAX (Image via Free Fire MAX)

Securing a clutch in 1v4 situations in Free Fire MAX requires a lot of skill. Going up against an entire squad and securing a team wipe is no small feat. Though the task is difficult, it's not impossible.

By following and implementing a few tips, players will be able to overcome clutch situations with ease. While progress may be slow initially, soon enough the task will become second nature.


Top 7 tips that players can follow to ace clutch situations in Free Fire MAX

7) Isolate an enemy team member for easy elimination


Instead of facing the enemy team head-on, players should try to isolate them. Dealing with one enemy at a time is far easier and more effective. To maximize this strategy, support or healer characters should be eliminated first.

6) After taking damage, always heal as soon as possible


Maintaining full health in 1v4 clutch situations in Free Fire MAX is essential. This makes it harder for the enemy to gain an easy elimination while giving players a chance to take a few risks.

5) Use smoke to confuse and distract the enemy team


Using smoke is a great way to gain the upper hand during a 1v4 clutch. It can be used to confuse opponents or distract them. Though it is an underrated utility item in Free Fire MAX, it shines in moments like this.

4) Use gloo walls to trap an enemy player to gain a tactical advantage


Using gloo walls to trap an enemy in place provides a huge tactical advantage. Once trapped, players can toss grenades over the wall to inflict damage or use the enemy as bait.

3) Use shotguns when engaged in close-range combat


Shotguns are a saving grace in close-range combat. Though outnumbered four to one, a well-placed slug can make all the difference. The M1887 is currently the best shotgun in Free Fire MAX.

2) Down an enemy player to use as bait


A popular tactic called baiting can be used to lure enemies to one spot. To do this, all players have to do is down an opponent and rotate into hiding. Once enemies arrive to revive their fallen teammate, a surprise attack can be launched. If done correctly, a team wipe can be achieved.

1) Don't hesitate or think twice


In a 1v4 clutch situation, hesitation and second thoughts should be removed. Players need to trust in their skills and ability in combat. Delays in action could lead to being eliminated.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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