5 cool tricks you should know in Apple iMessage

Cool tricks on Apple iMessage (Image via youtube/@HaylsWorld)
Cool tricks on Apple iMessage (Image via youtube/@HaylsWorld)

iMessage is an exclusive instant messaging service developed by Apple that allows users to send text messages, photos, videos, documents, and contact information over the internet. It is free and can be used on any compatible device where people can log in with an Apple ID.

Messages on the app are sent through the user's ID, and they appear on iMessage when using devices associated with the same Apple ID. iMessage is currently one of the most used apps when it comes to texting, and Apple users generally prefer to use it over other popular services like WhatsApp.

There are many cool tricks that can be used on the Apple app that every user should know about. This article lists five of them.

iMessage tricks that make it more than a messaging app

1) Message effects


iMessage allows the user to spice up the conversation using different message effects by clicking the blue button next to the text bar. For instance, the Bubble effect can change the look of your messages by using different colors, shapes, and sizes.

You can also make your texts seem like they’re bouncing off the screen with the Slam effect, or you can make your messages appear as if they were being spoken with Loud.

Screen effects allow you to add a layer of animation to your texts. For instance, selecting Confetti while sending a message will make confetti fall down the top of the display. You can also use the Fireworks effect to accompany your text with an animation of firecrackers going off.

2) Handwriting


The messaging app allows the user to send customized handwritten texts. You need to turn your phone and enter landscape mode to make the Handwriting button appear on the keyboard beside the Return button. Clicking on it will provide you with a whiteboard to write, sketch, or select preset texts featured in various fonts. Flip your phone back to portrait mode, and the app will scan whatever you did on the whiteboard as an attachment. Then, the message will be ready to be sent.

3) Playing games


Apple allows users to play games using their messaging app by downloading them from the App Store. You need to open the keyboard and select App Store from the menu. After that, you'll see a list of apps and games specially built for iMessage as you scroll down the page. Any game can be downloaded from the store and played with friends in the inbox.

4) Digital Touch


This is a feature on Apple's iMessage application that allows you to send sketches, taps, and heartbeats to your friends and family. Those are all things that can be made using a black panel through Digital Touch. You can also use your fingers to erase mistakes in sketches. Taps can be sent with a vibration or sound, and a heartbeat can be created by placing two of your fingers on the Digital Touch area.

5) Filter spam


iMessage can be used to filter spam messages to some extent with certain limitations. You can go to the message settings and enable the Filter Unknown Senders option under the Message Filtering menu. This will unlock the filter menu option on the messaging app. You can then head over to the iMessage app next and select Unknown Senders from the option on the top left.

The only limitation of this feature is that any unsaved number can be filtered out while using it. This is why it is recommended to check for any important text from someone sending from an unsaved number.

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