How to setup Apple Pay on your iPhone

Here’s how you can set up Apple Pay and use it on your mobile devices (Image via Apple)
Set up Apple Pay and use it on your mobile devices (Image via Apple)

Popular online payment service Apple Pay is readily available on Apple devices, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad. Users must add their credit, prepaid, or debit card details to start using it.

Apple Pay is a convenient alternative to using physical cards or cash, offering users a secure and private way to initiate monetary transactions. Users can use its advantages on millions of supported websites and mobile applications once they set up their accounts.

How to set up Apple Pay and use it on mobile devices


As mentioned, users must add a valid card to the Apple Wallet app to use the service. To unlock easier checkouts with Apple Pay, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Apple Wallet app on the phone/eligible device.
  2. Tap on the + (Add) icon to add a card.
  3. Next, the user can scan their card using the device’s camera. To scan the card easily, position it accurately within the frame. If an error occurs while scanning the card, the user can also choose to manually enter the details.
  4. Follow the bank instructions on the screen to complete adding the card.

You can now use the added card for future transactions. There's also the option to add multiple cards to your Wallet collection. Moreover, the Wallet app and the Pay technology make payments easier and act as a secure form of storage for your cards.

How to pay using Apple Pay?

To pay at an offline store using Apple Pay, bring your iPhone or Apple Watch close to a supported card machine. You can authenticate the transaction using Touch ID, Face ID, or Passcode.

Similarly, select a suitable payment method from the checkout page for online transactions and authenticate it using Touch ID, Face ID, or Passcode.


In addition to card-based payments, Pay supports Apple Cash, a digital card service. With this, users can unlock instant digital money transfers, pay their bills, and shop at their favorite outlets through the Wallet app or Messages. One can start reaping the benefits of Apple Cash once they set up a Pay account.

Apple Pay is a supported mode of payment at over 85% of retailers in the United States. Most places that accept contactless payments should feature Pay's distinguishable icon.

Apple enforces robust security protocols to protect personal information. The Pay technology uses a device-specific number and unique transaction code to complete payments. So, when a card is added to the Wallet app, it is neither stored on the phone nor Apple’s servers. Moreover, Apple doesn’t share the card number with merchants during payments.

Even if the user resides in an eligible country, their banks may not support Pay. In this case, Apple recommends contacting the concerned bank for further information.

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