How to use Digital Wellbeing to increase your productivity

Android Digital Wellbeing and productivity boost (Image via Sportskeeda)
Android Digital Wellbeing and productivity boost (Image via Sportskeeda)

The act of incorporating Digital Wellbeing with individual productivity can yield great results. Also known as Digital Wellness, it refers to the practice of monitoring and controlling the amount of time spent on electronic devices to reduce one's digital footprint on addictive applications or websites.

There are various steps that can be followed to ensure the Digital Wellbeing of people who have to use the internet to perform daily tasks. Limiting the use of social media, entertainment apps, and overall screen time can help them utilize the entire day in the most productive way.

Let us take a closer look at the features that can boost efficiency.

How to increase productivity with Digital Wellbeing


Digital Wellbeing is a suite of different tools that can help people structure their daily lives and set up different modes on their Android smartphones. The entire collection of features like Focus mode, Sleep mode, and Work Profile mode form a digital wellness cycle.

Each feature has its own functionality that can help users increase their productivity by blocking distractions and specific applications like Instagram and YouTube. All these modes can be utilized to ensure that they can put their entire effort into the task at hand - be it work or rest.

Android Digital Wellbeing


Most modern Android devices feature a customizable set of modes for different profiles. The most well-known and easy-to-use is called the Focus mode. Users can follow the steps listed below to quickly configure their personal requirements:

  1. Go to settings and search for Focus mode.
  2. A Quick Access icon may also be available in the notification tray drop-down. Press and hold it to access the same.
  3. The Focus mode menu will allow users to move different installed applications to a distracting apps list.
  4. Whenever the Focus mode is turned on, the selected apps will be unable to send any notifications.

This can easily help people concentrate on the tasks at hand without the constant ringing of their smartphones. The mode can be configured to allow only phone calls and text messages to pass through as well.

However, the Focus mode only blocks notifications from appearing during the active duration. Android phones feature a more segregated mode that can completely enable or disable some of the applications. It is called Work Profile and can contain the entire suite of work-related applications like mail, calendar, cloud drives, and even notifications.

All applications included inside the Work profile will only be able to send notifications and boot up with the mode turned on. This enables a healthy balance between work and personal life and prevents unnecessary mix-ups.


A proper amount of rest is necessary for an individual to perform at their maximum capacity. The Digital Wellness feature in Android provides a Bedtime mode, alongside a customizable timer and settings. It blocks almost all notifications, turns on grayscale for the entire screen, and automatically puts the phone in Do Not Disturb mode.

The combined use of all these features can provide a healthy structure to one’s life and bring balance to both personal and professional life. Digital Wellbeing is crucial to maintaining the optimal mental and physical functioning of every productive individual.

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