iPhone 13 Mini Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) expected price, discounts, and more

The iPhone 13 mini will be the last of its kind as the 14th generation won
The iPhone 13 mini will be the last of its kind as the 14th generation won't have it (Images via Apple, Amazon)

The iPhone 13 Mini will likely be one of the devices to be present at the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) when the event goes live in a week. Apple has announced the next generation of iPhones, but there's a change from the typical pattern it has followed over the last few years.

This could make the iPhone 13 Mini a really interesting purchase, especially with the scope of some decent discounts.

The mini series is the more compact version of the iPhone line of devices and comes with a smaller display. However, it still packs some decent hardware and provides a budget option for those who want an entry-level iPhone. As unique as it is, there are limitations. Moreover, Apple has already made a major decision.


The iPhone 13 mini will be the last one as Apple has decided to discontinue it moving forward. In fact, the only compact option that users will be having is the iPhone SE device. Hence, the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) could be the last chance for some to pick up this device while supplies are still available.

The iPhone 13 mini will likely be on a steep discount at the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022)

With the recent release of the iPhone 14, the older generations are all expected to be on discount. The Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) is sure to further increase the scope for enthusiasts to get bigger discounts.

Mobile devices usually get some of the biggest discounts and the same could apply for the iPhone 13 mini as well.

At the time of writing, the 128 GB variant of the device is selling for ₹64,900 against an MRP of ₹69,900. Thus, there is a 7% discount, which can be further increased by the use of selective cards. The discount is likely to go up even more once the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) goes live.


Based on historical trends, older generations of iPhones get steep discounts after the launch of a new one. The devices are also included in the sale and the same is going to happen this time around. There's already a page for the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) with certain iPhone models belonging to the 13th generation.

The discounted prices haven't been revealed as of yet, which will likely be done once the sale goes live. Till then, enthusiasts will have to patiently wait and watch out for the actual discounted price. However, there have been some big discounts in the past and fans can expect somewhere between ₹5,000 - ₹7,000 to be further marked off.

However, one should remember that the iPhone 13 mini isn't confirmed to get a discount and they should check official sources for confirmation. Any potential offer could be further increased as Amazon has announced a partnership with SBI for more offers.


The iPhone 13 mini might not have some of the most interesting features of the larger models, but it shares many similarities. It's powered by the same A15 Bionic that will run the base variant of the iPhone 14. This can be a great opportunity for many to experience the same capabilities at a cheaper price.

It now remains to be seen what kind of discount Apple's flagship devices will enjoy from the start of next week, once the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) goes live.

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