iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) expected price, discounts, and more

There will be some amazing deals on the sale (Image via Apple, Amazon)
There will be some amazing deals on the sale (Image via Apple, Amazon)

The Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) can bring great opportunities related to the iPhone 13 and its Pro variant, which could be great for buyers. The current generation won't last much longer as Apple recently announced four variants of the iPhone 14.

When analyzed critically, the iPhone 13 will still offer many things that a user may seek in a premium device. While the iPhone 14 goes on sale in mid-September, India might have to wait longer to get their hands on it. It is unlikely to get any discount on the launch since it is the freshest model, and its demand will be high.


However, that's not the case with the previous version of the series, which has been circulating for almost a year. As mentioned earlier, it doesn't lag too far behind and should be a good device. More importantly, the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) will likely include Apple's flagship device under its wings. It just gives stronger incentives to those who consider buying the product.

The iPhone 13 and its Pro edition will likely be getting discounts at the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022)

One might think that it won't make much sense to get the iPhone 13 or its Pro variant in the second half of 2022. After all, the new generation will start accepting pre-orders in a week, and deciding to go with the former release might seem foolish.

While there's no denying that the iPhone 14 is more advanced, the actual differences aren't that big. Some of it is in the form of esthetics, while others are minor. Interestingly, the base and max variant of the iPhone 14 will use the same A15 Bionic, with the only change being in the form of an extra core.


Hence, there's no indication why someone shouldn't be looking to get the iPhone 13, especially at the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022). At the moment, the Apple iPhone 13 starts from ₹69,990 for the 128 GB variant and goes up in price gradually. Incidentally, the existing prices of all the variants have certain discounts on them. What the sale will bring is an increase in the discount percentage.

The Pro variant goes for 1,08,900 for the 128 GB model and goes up gradually if users want more storage. Incidentally, both discussion variants will be at a discount once the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) goes live.

There's already a page on Amazon India's website that puts all four variants of the 13th generation likely for sale. The price section in those advertorials is vacant for obvious reasons as the prices haven't been announced.


It's hard to accurately predict the discounted price in the exact numbers, but a price range between ₹53,000 and ₹55,000 seems quite plausible. The iPhone 12 was listed at similar numbers last year when it got a discount of ₹16,000 from its MRP.

Regarding the Pro variant, there could be a greater discount, somewhere around ₹25,000. This will put it at a sale price of ₹95,000, which could be an amazing deal. The possible discounted figure is significantly less than the current discounted price one must pay on Amazon.


A confirmation regarding the prices for the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) can be made once the sale goes live. Kickstarter deals are already being offered daily, which can open unforeseen opportunities.

The sale begins on September 23 and will be a week-long affair. There will be amazing offers on all iPhone products. It remains to be seen how much consumers can save on their desired products once the sale goes live.

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