Is iPad (9th gen) worth buying in 2022?

The 9th gen has been a superb launch last year (Image via CNET)
The 9th gen has been a superb launch last year (Image via CNET)
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With the onset of September, the iPad (9th gen) will be completing its first anniversary since its worldwide release around the same time in 2021. A fitting successor to the 8th gen, the latest one has received several upgrades over its predecessors.

However, there's the 10th generation rumored to be getting ready for release, and it raises a vital question - should someone get the 9th generation in 2022?


The iPad (9th gen), also known as iPad 9, was released worldwide on September 24. It belongs to a long line of budget tablets that Apple offers and caters to a wide variety of needs. From taking notes and drawing illustrations to playing games, it can do things well and effectively.

There is no doubt over its total quality since it has managed to appease a lot of fans all over the world. That being said, the dilemma over buying in August 2022 could be quite real. After all, the 10th generation could be released within a couple of months from now, and there's no doubt about it being better. However, there are still some strong cases to go with the 9th gen as things stand.

Apple's iPad (9th gen) will still pack a solid punch standing in 2022

When deciding to buy the device, it will depend on several factors. One stems down to where the device stands in terms of overall quality. The second point will compare it to the kind of features users will receive in the upcoming 10th generation, given its potential release window.

The iPad 9th generation comes with a 10.2-inch retina display that perfectly picturizes the details and colors. It's unlikely to be upgraded too much in the upcoming release as there's little scope for improvement in this aspect.

There have been very few details about the 10th generation, but renders show that the display could be larger and slimmer. In contrast, the settings on the 9th generation seem to be a better fit.


The 9th generation received a 20% overall boost in performance, thanks to an upgraded version of the A13 Bionic chip. The 64-bit system is run by 6 cores, divided into 2 subgroups, and 3 GB of LPDDR4X RAM. Given the usual trend, the 10th gen will have some advantages, but the overall impact won't be very significant.

iPad (9th gen) can effectively run all the resource-heavy games in the mobile market. Even with an expected upgraded performance on the 10th gen, it's unlikely that the 9th gen will languish too much. Except for those who are into very hardcore gaming, there won't be a noticeable difference in the performance between the two generations.


The camera hasn't been a strong point of the budget series, and it gets the job done at its best. Power management and battery life remain excellent as ever, and the device can easily last a day based on moderate usage. Running resource-intensive applications will draw its power quickly, while it can last for days on minimal power consumption if left idle.

The 64 GB variant is available for $309, while the 256 GB is priced at $459. Considering the features and lack of competition in the tablet market, there's no reason to feel that the iPad (9th gen) won't be worth it in 2022.

Even with upgrades, the 10th gen won't be a radical jump. The 9th gen will still hold its own; if anything, users could get some good discounts if they buy later in the year. Barring hardcore users, the iPad (9th gen) will have an excellent overall value well into 2022 and 2023 for anyone else.

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