Fortnite vs. Apple case reaches a conclusion in public court

The biggest tech battle trial reaches a conclusion (Image via Valerie Everett)
The biggest tech battle trial reaches a conclusion (Image via Valerie Everett)

A famous tech dispute that was in the news for several years arose between Fortnite and Apple Inc. It was a major case that went up on trial with various adjustments and changes made by both Epic and Apple.

It was so prolonged that it affected an entire community in the game and a lot of hate from the Fortnite community was directed towards Apple.

The epic banter between the two corporations finally ended with a conclusion after almost two years. Fans of the community agreed with the decision, while others still protested and disagreed with the statement passed by the court.

Who won in the Apple vs. Epic Games trial?


While it was confirmed that Epic did violate the App Store rules, the ban on Unreal Engine tools cannot be done as they have a separate platform altogether for it. Due to this trespass, Apple will be banned from blocking access to Unreal Engine development tools. It was stated that this decision is valid until the second hearing, which will take place on Monday, September 28.

The affair commenced with little warning to consumers but quickly led to international interest, as the battle sought to change one of the fundamental elements of the App Store.

Sadly, users can say that Apple has prevailed over Fortnite for now, but it has been suggested later on that Apple allows its users alternative ways to pay within the app.

Epic tried to bring Fortnite back to iOS and Mac using the new ruling that games can have alt-payment buttonsApple is just straight up blacklisting them indefinitely now…

On August 26, Epic Games informed players of Fortnite's decision not to expect updates to the app on iOS, as Apple was blocking and restricting updates and new installations via the App Store. While true, the statement avoided mentioning how the situation arose after Epic baited Apple.

Why and How did the Fortnite Vs. Apple conflict start?


Epic Games sued Apple in mid-August, saying that the company’s App Store violated the Sherman Act. Epic says that Apple’s requirement that all mobile apps come through its App Store (and the 30 percent commission Apple charges for app sales and in-app purchases) is hazardous, and that Epic — as well as its fellow developers and their customers — should have alternatives.

On September 8, Apple filed its response and asked a federal judge to award it damages.

This resulted in Apple kicking out Fortnite completely out of the store. This in return caused players mobile players on the Apple Device platform to not progress in-game. It was noted that when the new season started, all players on iOS devices were left behind in the demise of the old season to play in.

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