Black Friday deals: iPad 10th gen best prices and where to buy 

The 10th generation was released in October of this year (Image via Apple)
The 10th generation was released in October of this year (Image via Apple)

Despite a recent release, buyers looking to get the iPad 10th gen model can take advantage of the Black Friday deals. The new generation of entry-level iPads was revealed earlier in autumn, and generated a lot of interest among enthusiasts. While the device offers great value for money, buyers can get better returns with some added savings.

Electronics and gadgets tend to be among the most sought-after departments in Black Friday sales. All major retailers provide incredible discounts, which add to the product's value. While older models fetch great discounts, new ones also get a few interesting offers.

Anyone looking to get the iPad 10th gen model can make the most of the festive period. Contrary to expectations, only a minor discount has been provided at the moment. While the offer might not be great, it can still act as bonus savings for any buyer.

The iPad 10th gen model can be picked at a lower price during Black Friday sales


The iPad 10th gen model is the latest iteration of the budget offering that has become a favorite of many users. While it comes with comparatively limited specifications, the device has a lesser price than the Pro and Air variants. Therefore, it's a great choice for many students and hardcore users as the device can do many tasks pretty efficiently.

The iPad 10th gen model comes at a listed price of $449 across all major retailers. It went on sale from October 2022, but Black Friday is the first time there's been a deal. Right now, buyers can enjoy a $50 discount on the full price and thus get it at $399.

This offering is part of B & H, but it's available for a limited period of time. Once the stocks are over, the device will likely revert back to its original price. Alternatively, there's a small discount on Amazon too as part of the Black Friday sales.

Overall, the 10th generation is a great deal to get due to the upgrades offered by Apple. The processor is much more efficient in resource management, allowing a user to be more productive. There are utility features like USB-C ports and a crisper display, which can benefit all users.


It remains to be seen for how long the stocks will last and if there will be more offers in the Black Friday sale period. Buyers can also find bigger discounts on older models that still have plenty of relevance in today's market.

Finally, those with bigger budgets can always go with the costlier Pro and Air variants. Both of those have better specifications and will allow users to override the limitations of the iPad 10th gen model.

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