Samsung reveals first OLED gaming monitor: Release window, specs, and more 

The newly launched OLED G8 monitor (Image via Samsung)
The newly launched OLED G8 monitor (Image via Samsung)

Samsung has unveiled its latest lineup in the G series, called the Odyssey OLED G8. The new panel will introduce the Samsung Gaming Hub, a TV-only feature. This service enables users to stream their video games without requiring a PC or a console to run the streaming software. Thus, players can get away with just a monitor for their gaming setup.

Samsung is known for some of the highest-quality gaming panels on the market, and the company's G series monitors are among the best options for gamers. With OLED G8, the South Korea-based tech giant is expected to create ripples in the world of gaming monitors.

Samsung OLED G8 specs

The OLED G8 gaming monitor (Image via Samsung)
The OLED G8 gaming monitor (Image via Samsung)

The 34" OLED G8 is a 1440p ultrawide panel with a resolution of 3440x1440. It has a maximum refresh rate of up to 175 Hz and is a curved monitor. However, the curvature is 1000R, which is much less than seen in some of the highest-end monitors of this type on the market.

This product comes equipped with AMD's Freesync Premium software to help reduce screen-tear issues in fast-paced games. This will help in smoothing out the output of the GPU. The OLED G8 also packs a dual 5W stereo speaker and offers a height-and-tilt adjustable stand out of the box.

In terms of connectivity, the monitor has a USB-C video delivery port, a mini DisplayPort 1.4, and a micro HDMI 2.1 port. The OLED G8 is based on an ultra-slim design. As a curved monitor, it opts for mini and micro adapters to cut into the real estate occupied by full-sized video connectors.

Additional features of 34" OLED G8

The Core Lighting Plus RGB system (Image via Samsung)
The Core Lighting Plus RGB system (Image via Samsung)

The OLED G8 has a bunch of features that make it more than just a gaming panel. Its built-in Samsung Gaming Hub app will allow users to stream video games from services like Google Stadia, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and Nvidia Geforce Now. Additionally, users can also watch TV shows via Netflix and Amazon Prime Video services. Alongside these features, the OLED G8 can also be used to control Samsung IoT devices through the SmartThings app.


The monitor also has the Core Lighting Plus lighting system introduced in earlier G series monitors. This software can be used to customize the RGB LEDs on the back of the monitor. Doing so will result in the wall behind being splashed with colors displayed on the screen.

Availability of 34" OLED G8

The 34" OLED G8 does not have an official release date yet. During the reveal event, it was stated that the panel will be "available globally from Q4 2022." Thus, more details on the monitor should be revealed soon.

OLED G8 is stepping up to the first entry in Samsung's 2023 gaming monitor lineup.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh