Should you wait for Apple Watch Series 9 or buy Apple Watch Series 8?

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The Apple Watch Series 9 will launch at the annual fall event in September. (Image via Apple)
The Apple Watch Series 9 will launch at the annual fall event in September. (Image via Apple)

Apple Watch Series 9 leaks are scant compared to iPhone 15 series leaks. It makes it difficult to figure out what to expect from the upcoming Series 9. There have been a few leaks that tell us what to expect from the new launch. With the annual fall event around the corner, Apple Watch users don't have to wait for long.

We know that design-wise, the Series 9 won't be that much different from the predecessor. But there certainly will be several under-the-hood changes. Let's look at the pros and cons of picking up Watch Series 8 or waiting for Watch Series 9.

Why should you wait for Apple Watch Series 9?


Just like iPhone, the brand upgrades its watch lineup every year. Apple Watch is quite popular worldwide and is one of the much-anticipated launches from the tech giant. Here's why you should wait for the Apple Watch Series 9.

1) It's just a couple of months of wait

The brand is all set to host its fall event in September this year. The Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to launch shiny new iPhones, MacBook M3 and the AppleWatch Series 9 at the event. The event is said to be scheduled somewhere around mid-September.

Considering this timeline, we are less than two months away from the iPhone 15 series event. The Apple Watch Series 9 will be here before too long, and you can decide which one to pick after you compare the two models.

2) Same price


Speaking of saving cash, since the Watch Series 4 launch, Apple has launched its core series at the same price ($399). So, if you are considering the Watch Series 8, you might as well wait for the Apple Watch Series 9 and benefit from the latest upgrade.

3) Improved processor

When it comes down to the upgrades, the Apple Watch Series 9 might be a moderate detour from the previous generation. However, the brand is known to make annual performance improvements through dedicated processors called S-series chipsets.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claimed that the processor in the Apple Watch Series 9 might draw inspiration from the Apple A15 Bionic chipset. It means that the Series 9 watch could offer better performance and battery efficiency compared to its predecessor.

4) Enhanced health features

If Gurman is to be believed, the company might also upgrade the health sensors on Apple Watch Series 9 apart from the processor. Without going into much detail, the leading analyst claimed that the next-generation Apple Watch Series 9 might come with minor health sensor upgrades.

Notably, the current Series 8 comes with a blood oxygen monitoring sensor, temperature tracking sensor, electrical heart sensor for ECG, and more. These are all the essential sensors that users need. The tech giant might not add additional sensors but improve their performance on the new Apple Watch Series 9. If that matters, it's worth waiting for the next generation.

5) Get the best out of WatchOS 10


Apple is now rolling out the public beta of WatchOS 10, bringing a rich array of features to the table. The changes include an interface overhaul, a Smart Stack widget, more convenient control center navigation with crown, mood tracking, and more.

While the WatchOS 10 is also available for older generations, including the Watch Series 8, the company tends to keep some new features limited to new models. It is another motivation for those holding on to their watch purchase and waiting for the Apple Watch Series 9.

Why you should buy Apple Watch Series 8?


The current generation Apple Watch Series 8 is the latest in the lineup, and you have all the reasons in the world to pick it up right away. Let's see why you pick the Watch Series 8 now.

1) More affordable


The Series 8 is currently discounted on Amazon and can be purchased for $329. It will drop further when the new Apple Watch Series 9 launches. However, the Cupertino giant tends to discontinue older models after the launch of the latest generation.

In 2022, it launched the Watch Series 8 and discontinued the Series 7, SE first generation, and Series 3. It will be tough to get a brand new Apple Watch Series 8 directly from the brand once discontinued. So, if you want the Series 8, now is the time to pick it up.

2) Almost the same specifications


Apple Watch Series 9 is unlikely to be a massive detour from the previous generation. The upgrade from the S7 processor in Series 7 to S8 in Series 8 was very minute. We can expect the same in Watch Series 8 to Series 9. With minuscule performance and battery efficiency improvements, the new watch will mostly be the same. Hence, it would be wiser to pick up the Series 8 now and save some money instead of waiting for the new launch.

3) Same operating system


Apple's long-term software support for its entire device lineup is the gold standard in the industry. When you purchase a device from the brand, you can be assured that it will receive four years of major software updates at the very least.

The Series 3 —which got discontinued last year— was the longest-supported Apple Watch. It received almost 5 years of WatchOS support before the software support was dropped. The Series 8 launched with WatchOS 9 and currently receives WatchOS 10 public beta.

We can safely assume it will receive support till WatchOS 13 at least. The Series 8 is a worthy pick when you consider that it will get the same software as the latest models for several years from now.

To summarize, it comes down to personal preference. Those who don't care about price drops and want improved battery efficiency, slightly faster performance, and enhanced health sensors should wait. However, if you can't wait for a couple of months and want to pick up the best deal, the Apple Watch Series 8 is the safe bet with more or less the same performance.

We advise prospective buyers to wait and compare both models when Apple Watch Series 9 launches. If you still need the latest bells and whistles, go for the new model, and if those don't excite you, you better pick up the Apple Watch Series 8 while the stock lasts.

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