When is iOS 16.5 coming out? Expected release date, features, and more

iOS 16.5 potential release date and features explored (Image via Apple)
iOS 16.5 potential release date and features explored (Image via Apple)

iOS 16.5 is the upcoming iteration of the iPhone's operating system. It is based on iOS 16 and is expected to arrive with a few additional features, system bug fixes, security enhancements, and more. According to the latest rumors, Apple is already testing an in-development version of the upgrade, and it is expected to be the next significant update before the release of iOS 17. Every year in September and October, Apple releases a substantial iPhone update that includes a slew of new features and other improvements to the user experience.

Although iOS 17 is just a couple of months away, Apple is yet to reveal any major insights into the upcoming iOS update. That said, this article will take a closer look at all that there is to know about the next iOS 16 update.

Everything that users should know about iOS 16.5


Although the release date for iOS 16.5 is yet to be revealed, based on previous trends and current speculations, the upcoming iPhone update is set to go live sometime around May 2023. Currently, iOS version 16.3.1 is live and the next expected update will be 16.4 followed by 16.5, the final major update for the 16th series of the operating system.

The official facts about the features are sketchy. Several previously stated features, however, may just be pushed through this update. Among these significant traits are:

1) Apple Card Savings Account: This upcoming feature was announced back in October 2022. This will enable users to open a savings account using their Apple Cards and earn interest on the Daily Cash deposited therein. It will not charge any fees or require users to maintain a minimum balance.

2) Apple Music Classical app: The software is poised to change the way people listen to classical music. It is reported to have a big database of classical tunes (over 5 million songs) with high-quality audio. The future app will be accessible for free to Apple Music members.


3) iMessage Contact Key Verification: This will be a security update for current users of iMessage. When turned on, it will notify users if anyone is viewing their conversations, thus enabling users to confirm that they are talking to the people they intend to.

This concludes our coverage of the impending iOS 16.5 upgrade. It is important to remember, however, that Apple has not publicly divulged any substantial details regarding the upgrade. At the moment, it has only been confirmed that the upcoming update is being internally tested by Apple and is set to arrive soon.

That being said, iOS 16.4 is now ready for beta testing, and it includes many new features such as web push notifications, an extended collection of emojis, app enhancements, and more.

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