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5 Best Rear Delt Exercises To Shape Up Your Rear Delts

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People take tremendous care and show unparalleled focus on building and toning the front and the side deltoids found in the shoulder region. However, everyone seems to forget the rear deltoid muscles, which leads to an imbalance in the three deltoid heads causing all sorts of complications.

April 26 2007 Toronto: Finnish exercise 1: Reverse Fly on Exercise Ball. Alex Savva of CircuitFit sh
Dumbbell reverse fly targets the rear deltoids with precision

Rear deltoids are quintessential to having a good posture and go a long way in minimizing the risk of a rotator cuff injury. These also aid in improving the overall strength of the upper body and provide great support while lifting heavy weights.

However, keep a couple of things in mind before rushing in to develop the rear delts:

Ensure that there is enough variety in the workout routine to train the whole shoulder region. Do not leave out any region from the training program.

Always work with weights that you can handle. Beginners are advised to train with free weights under expert supervision. 

Rows are great for toning the deltoids, and one should pepper their workout routines with these exercises.

Let us not wait any longer and look at the five exercises that you could add to your training program to strengthen your rear deltoids.

#1 Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The bent-over dumbbell lateral raise targets the entire shoulder with a focus on the rear deltoids. The exercise is very effective in improving the overall conditioning and strengthening the shoulder region.


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Step 1: Hold dumbbells in both the hands with slightly bent knees, straight back and bent hips. The torso should be parallel to the floor with a slight bend in the elbows. The palms should be facing each other in the initial position.

Step 2: Raise the arms sideways such that the elbows are positioned at almost the height of the shoulder. Ensure that the upper arms are perpendicular to the torso.

Step 3: Pause for a moment and return to the initial position.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tips: People with back problems could even perform this exercise while sitting on a flat bench. Avoid any unwanted torso movement while performing the dumbbell lateral raise.

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