6 Slider Exercises to Challenge Your Core Muscles

Slider exercises to effectively challenge and engage your core muscles (Image via Unsplash/James Barr)
Slider exercises to effectively challenge and engage your core muscles (Image via Unsplash/James Barr)
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Slider exercises can be difficult due to the friction between the ground and your body. However, they entail several benefits, including better stability and adding challenges to your body in a different way.

Adding sliders to your workout is a great way to strengthen the muscles of your pelvis and spine. Slider exercises are an effective way to engage several muscles simultaneously, such as transverse abdominis, which are often neglected.

However, to add sliders to your workout, your body requires a certain amount of strength, stability and balance. The good news is that practising slider exercises can help you to get better in those aspects.

Slider Exercises to Challenge Core Muscles

These six slider exercises will challenge all your core muscles efficiently along with building better stability of the shoulders and midsection. Let's get started:

1) Slider Knee Tuck

The slider knee tuck is one of the great dynamic slider exercises and should be added to the workout session, as it builds endurance and strength in a short period of time. Slider knee tucks also help in toning and shaping the entire body besides challenging your core.


How to do it?

Start off in a high plank position while placing both your toes on the gliders. With an engaged core and pressed feet, bring your knees towards the chest by bending them. Slowly bring your legs back to their original position, and repeat.

2) Slider Mountain Climber

Slider mountain climbers are dynamic slider exercises, as they engage and challenge your body muscles in a different way. Incorporating gliders into mountain climbers can help in building great stability in the body along with acting as a cardio workout.

How to do it?

Start off in a high plank position while setting your toes on the gliders. While pressing your left foot on the glider, slide your left knee towards your chest. Immediately slide your right knee and foot forward as you slide your left foot back to the initial position. Move quickly with alternate movements while keeping your back straight and core engaged.

3) Slider Arm Circle

Apart from working on your core muscles, slider arm circles also greatly target the muscles of your shoulders and arms. This slider exercise also helps in building strength and toning the muscles in your arms.

How to do it?

Assume a high plank position while placing gliders under both hands. Start pressing the left hand onto the glider, and make a counterclockwise circle. Reverse the movement by doing a clockwise circle to complete one repetition. Repeat the process on the other side.


4) Body Saw

The body saw can help build a much stronger midsection, allowing for greater posture and stability. This slider exercise also enhances the coordination and body balance.

How to do it?

Assume the forearm plank position, with your toes positioned on the gliders and your tailbone tucked. Your elbows should be directly beneath your shoulders, and keep your quads, butt and core engaged.

With the core, slide your body as far back as you can by pushing your elbows and forearms. Slowly pull your body back to the starting position, and repeat.

5) Slider Plank to Pike

Incorporating this slider exercise into your workout session can build decent strength in the body along with crushing a high number of calories. Slider plank to pike can also help in toning the entire body.


How to do it?

Assume a high plank position while placing the gliders beneath both your feet. With an engaged core and pressed feet, slide your feet towards your hands. While doing the sliding movement, try to keep your legs straight.

However, if your hamstrings feel too tight, you can slightly bend your knees. Hold for a few moments, and bring your feet to the starting position. Repeat.

6) Slider Plank Jack

This slider exercise is a great way to build the intensity of your workout and challenge your core efficiently. Slider plank jacks work on your entire body and provide numerous benefits, such as better posture and balance.

How to do it?

Start off in a high plank position with glutes that are core-engaged while your toes are set on the gliders. Without bouncing your hips and with a tight core, start sliding your feet in and out.

You can also increase the speed of the movement for a greater challenge. However, make sure to maintain proper form while doing the exercise.

Bottom Line

As already mentioned, slider exercises provide numerous benefits apart from efficiently challenging the core muscles. These exercises help build greater strength in the body along with toning body parts such as arms, core and legs. A stronger core leads to better overall posture and stability of the body.

However, if you're a beginner, start slowly and carefully to avoid getting injured. You can also consult a fitness professional if required.

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