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8 Effective Home Workouts Without Equipment To Become Fit

Bidyut Ghosh
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Most people give up the idea of working out because they believe that they will have to join a gym or purchase heavy equipment to get into shape or build up their muscles.

Whatever may be your goal, be it getting into shape or build muscles, one must not get into the mindset that without joining a gym or using equipment they cannot achieve their desired results. It is only a misconception that you need equipment for workouts.

Working out from home and that too without equipment is not less effective than working out in a gym with heavy equipment and would certainly benefit you to get into a decent shape.

It has other benefits as well – it saves you the hassle of going to a gym, saves money spent on gym fees or equipment, time lost getting to the gym or standing in the queue for the equipment you want to use etc., and being able to exercise whenever you need to also motivate you not to skip a day to workout.

If you have a desire to get fit and healthy, begin from home with simple and effective workouts. In this article, we will look at 8 of the best workouts at home without equipment to train for your upper body & Lower body including your arms & legs.

Your fitness goals & endurance should be the deciding factor for the number of reps for each exercise. 

#1 Jumping Jacks

 This workout is useful for warming up and is great for cardiovascular exercise.

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1. Stand up straight. Relax your shoulders & keep your arms at your sides and feet at shoulder width. 

2. Slightly bend your knees and jump a few inches off the ground simultaneously lifting your arms overhead until your hands are about shoulder width apart.

3. As you jump & lift your arms overhead, open your legs wider than shoulder width. 

4. Gently land in the starting position with arms at your sides and feet shoulder-width apart. Repeat as required. 

Important Tips : 

1. Keep your joints loose to avoid injury.  

2. Use this workout as a way of warming up before a more vigorous workout, or as a cardio workout itself. 


#2 Push-ups

Push-ups are great workouts for your chest, shoulders, triceps and core for a complete muscle-building exercise.


1. Start in a plank position: toes on the ground & hands shoulder-width apart, fingers pointed forward.

2. With your back straight, while breathing in, slowly bend your arms and lower your chest to almost ground level.

3. Using your arms, raise yourself to the plank position while breathing out. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Important Tips:  If holding the plank position becomes difficult, you may lower your knees to the ground.

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