Perfect Workout Routine To Build Strength and Endurance

Sydney Swans Training Session
Sydney Swans Training Session

Muscular strength and endurance are extremely important due to a number of reasons. They dictate your body’s ability to move and to do day-to-day tasks. It is also concerned with the amount of effort you need to give to do things and the number of times you can do a certain work that involves weights.

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Let us look at some benefits of working on your muscular strength and endurance:

1.    Enhanced strength and endurance helps you to do your regular activities in a better manner. It further makes sure that you are not drained out of energy easily.

2.    Working on your strength and endurance ensures that you are less prone to injuries, as greater strength leads to stronger muscles and bones.

3.    Strength training is also good for those who wish to control their weight. If done properly, not only does it help in building muscles, it also helps in increasing or reducing weight. Of course, the type of exercise and weights come into play then.

4.    Not only does enhanced strength and endurance help you move better, it also enables you to increase the amount or type of work that you are capable of doing.

5.    Strength training can reduce the chances of you getting conditions like osteoporosis, fractures etc.

6.    Strength training gives a boost to your metabolism.

Some points you must remember before you start strength training:

a) You can do strength training at home or at the gym.

b) Strength and endurance training can be done with or without weights.

c) You can use resistance bands, medicine balls, dumbbells or simply your body weight to do the exercises.

d)  If done properly, regular and everyday activities can also help you in building your strength and endurance.

e) Muscular training is not always about weights. It can be about the number of repetitions you do. Therefore, frequency, speed and resistance, all are important.

 f) Cardio is a must. Jog, walk, row, cycle, jump rope or do whatever you are comfortable with. Challenge your body and go all out!

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Now, let us look at the perfect routine that will help you build strength and endurance.

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