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9 Best Shoulder Exercises for Men

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Shoulders are pivotal to arm movement and are involved in almost every activity. Moreover, well-developed shoulders are quintessential for a robust physique.

Overhead Pr
Overhead Press

One should ensure the shoulder is highly mobile and extremely stable while performing physically demanding activities such as lifting, throwing and pushing. This only adds to the point that regular exercise focusing on the shoulder area is pivotal. Care should also be taken in ensuring a complete shoulder workout that has a strong focus on improving all the three heads of the deltoid muscle (the muscle forming the contour of the human shoulder).

Here is a list of nine shoulder exercises that should help you could add to your fitness routine to tone and strengthen your shoulders.

However, before jumping in and working out, one should always keep a couple of pointers in mind:

a) Highly customisable workouts should be preferred over regular routines.

b) Always choose weights that lead to muscle fatigue due to repetitions, meaning one should emphasise on increasing the target repetitions over lifting capacity.

It is advisable to use a spotter when dealing with heavy weights.

#1 Standing Military Press

Standing military press derives its name from its posture. It is a very popular derivative of the overhead press exercise that involves no movement or aid from the legs to lift the weights. This exercise routine targets the deltoid muscles in the shoulder area along with the triceps. Moreover, the standing military press also improves the overall leg strength of the individual.


One could also perform the military press using either a smith machine or a cable machine.

Also, read 5 Effective Shoulder Workouts with Dumbbells.


Step 1: The initial position for the exercise involves positioning the barbell in front of the chest region parallel to the ground.

Step 2: Move the barbell over the collarbone and adjust your arms and legs to lock the position of the barbell.

Step 3: Then, move the barbell overhead by keeping the torso and the lower body rigid. Lower the barbell to the initial position and repeat if for the recommended number of times.

Important Tip: Care should be taken that there is enough spacing between the legs, which should roughly be equal to the distance between the shoulders.

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