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Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Season 5: The Young 7 vs the Elderly 7, who will win?

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6.44K   //    06 Jul 2017, 14:16 IST
Anup Kumar
Anup Kumar will again be the man U Mumba will look to deliver

Youth offers promise but experience offers clarity. A sense of freedom comes with being young but experience opens an athletes outlook towards the game. The debate of youth vs experience is a century old conundrum which has no definite answers. The cliched adage of “a balance of both” is the safest answer that anyone can offer. But what happens when you adopt this concept to its limits? What happens to a side comprised of only young individuals when they take on a side made up of 7 men in their late 30’s? Let’s find out.

The elderly 7

Anup Kumar

A man upon whom, U Mumba have rested their expectations from day one. Five seasons in, the Anup Kumar is still here, keeping it simple and doing what he does best – outthinking opponents. Season after season, the Indian skipper has watched new, younger, athletic raiders shine under his guidance. He’d have probably picked up a few tricks from them too. But the 34-year-old continues to be the cornerstone of not only his team but the sport at large.

Jasvir Singh

The city of Panipat, where this raider was born, has witnessed three historic battles. Jasvir, however, is the city’s biggest warrior on the mat. Till date, when he approaches the opposition baulk line with his smug face, even the best defenders sometimes don’t have answers to his exploits. The 34-year-old was season 4’s 5th best raider and keeps on delivering when it has mattered the most.

Rakesh Kumar

“When I started playing in my early days, Rakesh was already a very good player. I was normal back then, but he always already damn good.”. It’s not every day you hear Anup Kumar speaking about his teammate in this manner. Wiley old fox, Rakesh Kumar is one player who has the ability to get under a player’s skin without saying much. His empty raids aren’t empty, he times them to perfection, during situations when an impatient opposition itches to take him down. 35-years-old and he’s shown no signs of slowing down.

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