Eye makeup looks for Coachella 2023 : 5 fun ideas inspired by BLACKPINK stars

BLACKPINK Inspired Eye Makeup Looks for Coachella 2023
BLACKPINK Inspired Eye Makeup Looks for Coachella 2023 (Image via Sportskeeda)

BLACKPINK will perform at Coachella once again on April 15, 2023. The Shut Down singers will be the closing performers for Day 2 of Coachella 2023. The girl group is one of the three headliners this year, alongside Bad Bunny and Frank Ocean.

When looking for Coachella makeup ideas, plenty of glitter is the way to go because it is synonymous with one of the world's largest music festivals. The members of BLACKPINK have some great eye makeup styles that would look great at a concert.

BLACKPINK members have some of the best glitter eye makeup looks

1) Rose's iridescent eye makeup

BLACKPINK's How You Like That MV had some great eye makeup looks one could sport at the music festival. Rose's iridescent eye makeup was stunning and quite easy to replicate.

For this look, one will need iridescent flakes to attach to the upper lids. One can use eyelash glue to stick the flakes onto the lids. Placement is key to ensuring the makeup does not end up looking too cluttered and clumsy.

In the music video, Rose also rocked a glittery undereye look. There are many liquid glitter eyeshadows in the market that can be used to line the undereye area. One can also use glitter flecks that they can stick on individually to their lower lash line.

2) Jennie's sparkly embellishments

Jennie has often made statements with her bold facial embellishments. One of the BLACKPINK member's most iconic looks was in the How You Like That MV, where she can be seen with rhinestones under one of her eyes.

The look is edgy, over-the-top, and perfect for Coachella. To achieve this look, one will need white-round rhinestones to create a pattern of their choice. For instance, Jennie went in with some red teardrop rhinestones to finish off her funky eye makeup look.

For subtle renditions of the same, one can use stick-on rhinestones in smaller sizes. They can be used to decorate the eyeshadow look to further elevate the eye makeup.

3) Rose's glittery tears

Rose has often used shimmery eyeshadow and glitter to create glittery tear stains. For the Pink Venom MV, the BLACKPINK member created a tear-stained face, using glitter instead of the usual eyeliner or mascara.

Any glittery eyeshadow will do the job for this eye makeup look. One can even experiment with the viral hot glue eye makeup trend to create dramatic shimmery tears.

4) Lisa's graphic eyeliners

Graphic eyeliners are easy to create and give a sharp makeup look that draws everyone's attention to facial features. The look has a minimalistic approach to eye makeup and can be created with stark black eyeliner.

To make it more suitable for Coachella, one can incorporate stick-on rhinestones and sparkles. This will elevate the eye makeup and add some intrigue to the look. It also subdues the sharpness of the graphic eyeliner, which will make it easier to pair with more outfits.

5) Jennie's colorful eyeshadow

Jennie's rainbow eye makeup is fun and easy to customize. The look can be subtle or bold, depending on one's preference. One can use their choice of colors to personalize the look to fit their aesthetic. This also makes it easier to pair the eye makeup look with your outfit of the day.

One can create this look using glitter shades as well. The glittery eyeshadow shades will amp up the look and the end result will definitely make a statement.

A different take on this look will be using a soft glitter shade to create the base and use a combination of colors to create shapes on the eyelids. One can experiment with stars, hearts, polka dots, and much more to create the look they desire.

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