What is the “Angel Nails” trend? Everything to know about manicure as Selena Gomez take the lead 

Adorn your nails with Selena Gomez
Adorn your nails with Selena Gomez's 'Angel Nails' manicure. (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the summer ushering in fascinating manicure trends, Selena Gomez's "Angel Nails" has snatched everyone's attention. This unique nail art has become a favorite due to its simplicity and ease of execution. This low-key manicure is the perfect summertime replacement since it puts a welcoming touch of divine beauty at your fingertips.

From the daring 'Serpent Nails' to the mouthwatering 'Glazed Donuts' or the thoughtful 'Milky' ones, there is a never-ending checklist to pick from. But lately, Selena's 'Angel Nails' have seized multiple heartbeats, and what's even more pleasing is that they can be effortlessly done in the comfort of one's home.

Selena Gomez's Angel Nails trend and all about the manicure detailing

The Angel Nails manicure trend continues making rounds in the beauty industry, showcasing the power of sheer and light-hued nail stains. This specific and attention-grabbing Angel Nails artwork effortlessly surpasses even the most intricate and artsy ones in a few minutes!

Know the nail artist responsible for the actor's Angel Nails

Selena's nails have always been on point, kudos to her go-to nail artist, Toma Bachik. Known for his out-worldly creative talent, Bachik has also worked his magic on the biggest celebs like JLo and Margot Robbie. This time, it's no different. With his creative spree, Bachik has successfully transformed Gomez's nails into the next 'talk of the town'.

On June 30, 2023, Bachik unveiled this stunning yet sleek-looking manicure that is nothing short of perfection. The manicure features a shimmery, hint-of-pink color that gracefully enhances Gomez's natural nail tips. The outcome is a delicate-looking nail look oozing with elegance.

Bachik's attention to detailing is evident in every stroke, as he expertly lets Selena's natural nails show through, catering to a subtle-looking manicure with a refined touch. Gomez's new nail look is a testament to his creativity and ability to transform the same into a work of fine art.

Get these Angel Nails at home

Bachik's brainiac radiates via Gomez's Angel Nails, where he flouts anticipations by employing only a gel topcoat for this gorgeous peek. While normally implied to be layered over other colors, Bachik's inventiveness knows no boundaries as he confirms that these topcoats can work their charm on nude nails. The result?

A fascinating and ethereal after-effect that heightens Gomez's nails to celestial statures.

Simple steps for Angel Nails manicure

  • Initiate by prepping the nails. Remove any old nail shine with a remover and file them into the preferred shape. With a cuticle pusher, push back the cuticles with soft hands to create a clean canvas.
  • Next, apply a base coat, which is indispensable for protecting the nails from getting stained and helping the manicure last long. Select a base coat that fortifies and nurtures the nails.
  • Pick the desired nail shade. For Selena Gomez's look, opt for a smooth and soothing hue like the ones with light pink or creamy white shades.
  • For each nail, apply 1-2 thin coats of color, letting per coat dry thoroughly before counting on the next one.
  • To attain that angelic glimmer, add a touch of sparkle by carefully applying a shimmering top coat to the nail tips. This will provide the manicure with a cosmic hint.
  • Close the deal with a shiny top coat by applying a clear shade. This will give the nails a high-shine effect and prevent the manicure from getting unnecessarily chipped.

Selena Gomez's new manicure look is ideal for everyone. With this, Tom Bachik has again proven his significance of being one of the prominent go-to nail artists for some Hollywood A-list superstars.

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