What Nail Polish did Margot Robbie apply for the iconic Barbie shoe scene? 3 best "Pink" polishes as alternative explored

Imitate the Barbie
Imitate the Barbie 'shoe scene' with these 3 best 'pink' nail polishes (Image via Amazon.com)

With the flawlessly manicured nails sparkling with cute pink nail polish and the wonderfully arched feet in a tip-toed entry, Margot Robbie's initial on-screen presence as Barbie has taken her beauty fans on a roller-coaster ride. While the press talk for the Barbie flick has the web buzzing, the "shoe scene," in particular, has kept beauty lovers talking about Robbie's pick of Barbie-esque nail color for this scene.

Robbie's portrayal of the cherished personality was bolstered by the figurative significance of her nail paint alternative during the now-iconic shoe scene. Furthermore, celebs like Chrissy Teigen, Shay Mitchell, and Dua Lipa are all attempting to play the movie's mysticism, with their endeavors being viral and evolving into memorable settings.

Ivana Primorac, the makeup and hair stylist for the movie, evaluated several alternatives to acquire Barbie's perfect "doll feet." Primorac explained:

“That was interesting because it was scripted and part of the doll thing, I thought it was so clever in the script that they're always on tippy-toes. When her feet go flat, suddenly, the story begins. So we always knew we would have to shoot that moment and the following scenes. We did it and thought, If Margot's feet don't look great enough, we have to think of something.”

Using an exact nail polish for the Barbie shoe scene emphazises the production's lookout to detail and dedication to genuineness. By carefully preferring every facet of Margot Robbie's look, including her nail polish, the filmmakers constructed a visually breathtaking and alluring scene, perfectly epitomising Barbie's true spirit.

3 best nail polishes as an alternative to fashion in Margot Robbie's iconic Barbie shoe scene

With her nail polish preference, Margot Robbie made a bold beauty check for the Barbie shoe scene. Many beauty lovers and Barbie admirers were inquisitive to know what shade of pink she used to complete the Barbie aesthetic perfectly.

As revealed by Primorac, for the shoe scene, they had used Naked by Glossify. While this particular proudct may or may not be availabke all the time, here are the 3 best nail polishes as excellent alternatives to accomplish an identical look.

OPI Nail Lacquer, OPIxBarbie Limited Edition Collection, Hi Barbie! & Welcome to Barbie Land, 0.5 fl oz

A pretty pink nail polish that oozes femininity and grace. With its opaque crème finish, this lacquer delivers an immaculate, high-impact look for perfectly manicured nails. Crafted to last up to 7 days, it is formulated to be a remarkable chip-resistant lacquer, ensuring the manicure stays untouched.

Its fast-drying formula saves a beauty buff's treasured time, allowing them to get on with their day. In the fixed edition Barbie collection, the "Hi Barbie!" nail tint catches the soul of the iconic girl-next-door doll and the new Barbie flick. Shoppers rave about this beauty item, giving it a celestial 4.7-star rating.

Priced at $11.49 on Amazon, this nail polish is an inexpensive indulgence that hauls the beauty seeker to the exquisite Barbie look. Recreate the charm with this must-have nail lustre, encouraged by the nail hue Margot Robbie modelled in the ever-enchanting Barbie shoe scene.

Key features:

  • Its long-lasting durability permits the nail polish to stay up to 7 Days of wear
  • The special chip-resistant formula maintains the color intensity
  • This 'fast drying' polish saves time
  • With one swipe, its opaque crème finish equips the nails with rich color

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish, Pampered in Pink, Pack of 1

This bright pink nail shine by Sally Hansen goes beyond simply adding vibrant color to one's pretty nails. Moreover, this amazing nail polish delivers a refreshing boost thanks to its formula with exceptional argan oil.

Not only does it provide a ravishing tint but it also delivers instant moisturization for the nails. Free from paraben content, it guarantees that the nails stay healthy and nurtured.

With a customer rating of 4.8 stars and an affordable $8.10 on Amazon, this nail paint is ideal for a beauty fanatic glancing their way to recreate Margot Robbie's much-loved Barbie shoe scene.

Key features:

  • The argan oil content in this nail shine enriches its rich color and equips the nails with a healthy and refreshing effect
  • This nail polish's unique formula immediately moisturises the nails, keeping them moisturized and lithe
  • It is free of any toxic elements and parabens
  • Thanks to its moisturising effects, this nail lustre stimulates the overall health of the manicured nails

Essie expressie Quick Dry Vegan Nail Polish, Deep Fuschia Pink, Don't Glitch Get Better, 0.33 ounce

This gorgeous deep-hue fuchsia pink nail gloss shimmers with brightness and dries in just a minute, assembling it ideal for those on the go. Essie, the trusted label in nail care, is adored by celebs, beauty experts, and fashion idols. The expressie line requires two coats on clean nails and a minute to let it dry.

The game-changing angled polishing brush permits effortless self-application, even with the non-dominant hand! And it is vegan, cruelty-free, delivering fearless and trend-setting colours without animal-derived elements.

With a starry customer rating of 4.7 stars and an inexpensive cost of $5.25 on Amazon, a beauty aficionado cannot imitate Margot Robbie's Barbie shoe scene and her doll-worthy feet without this nail polish.

Key features:

  • Its quick-drying formula dries in one minute
  • The angled brush caters to a hassle-free application
  • This nail stain is made with vegan formula and cruelty-free elements
  • It is celeb-endorsed nail shine, so it's worth a paint

As mentioned earlier, while Naked by Glossify may not be available for purchase all the time, these above-mentioned three top pink nail lacquer alternatives can help a beauty supplicant attain a matching look.

Whether an actual makeup connoisseur chooses a definitive "bubblegum pink," a soft "blush pink," or a bold "hot fuschia," a hue available can make an affirmation and flawlessly capture the spirit of the iconic 'Barbie' personality.

Select the perfect nail polish from e-commerce sites like Amazon to enrich the across-the-board appearance and count on the glamour quotient. These retail websites offer an expansive range of choices at inexpensive prices.

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