40th Match, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
154/10 (19.3)
HEA won by 17 runs.
That's it from Match number 40. Heat get their much needed victory and stay alive in this competition. This is Divyansh signing on behalf of myself and Bidipto. Stay tuned at Sportskeeda as the second BBL match of the day is about to start. You can follow it here.
Match Summary-

Brisbane Heat win by 17 runs
Marnus Labuschagne 46 (33) | James Bazley 3/30 (4.0)
Matt Short 39 (30) | Harry Conway 3/36 (3.3)

A brilliant performance from the ball has got them a much needed victory, as if they had lost that would've been game over for the Heat in this season. 

They have defended this total comfortably in the end, the quick bowlers finished the job but it was the spinners that won it for them. Kuhnemann and Swepson bowled well at the start and in the middle to get them on top of the game. 

The momentum never shifted as they did not let any partnership build. Short, Lynn, Hose and de Gradhomme got their starts but they could not win it for the Strikers.

Kuhnemann took 2 important wickets, and Bazley took 3 timely wickets as well. As all the other bowlers took 1 each. de Grandhomme could have won it in the death but he was run out in a comical way. 
137 /9 score
cricket bat icon Harry Conway *
5 (3)
cricket bat icon Peter Siddle
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Michael Neser
1 /30
19.6 Michael Neser to Harry Conway, FOUR! BUT BRISBANE HEAT GET THE WIN! MUCH NEEDED FOR THEM TOO! Short outside off nicely punched off the back foot through point, and it evades the fielder at deep point, for a boundary to end the match! 
19.5 Michael Neser to Peter Siddle, full on off, Siddle makes room to carve it over point and down to the fielder in the deep for a single only. 
Peter Siddle, RHB, comes to the crease.
19.4 Michael Neser to Cameron Boyce, OUT! Short and slightly slow outside off and this gets flat-batted without control off the back foot, to deep mid-wicket, three quarters of the way, for a fine CATCH!

Cameron Boyce c Marnus Labuschagne b Michael Neser 11 (7b, 2x4, 0x6)
19.3 Michael Neser to Cameron Boyce, GOOD BALL! Full and wide outside off and a swing and  a miss through the line from the back foot this time! Dot ball. 
19.2 Michael Neser to Cameron Boyce, FOUR! Full toss on middle-an-off, a big heave across the line this time from deep in the crease and a slight inside edge takes it to fine-leg for a boundary! 
19.1 Michael Neser to Harry Conway, over the wicket, full toss on middle and slapped down to long-off from the crease, for a single. 
Michael Neser (3.0-0-20-0) is back into the attack.
Johnson almost had his second wicket there, but the ball fell in no man's land. 28 required off the last over, can they still chase it?
127 /8 score
cricket bat icon Cameron Boyce *
7 (4)
cricket bat icon Harry Conway
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Spencer Johnson
1 /28
18.6 Spencer Johnson to Cameron Boyce, Oh! Short on middle, Boyce swings across the line on the back foot, ends up splicing it to the wide mid-on region, where deep mid-wicket comes running in to take the catch, he misses it only just and the batters take two! 
18.5 Spencer Johnson to Cameron Boyce, FOUR! Full and wide outside off, another yorker and this gets sliced over backward point from the big reach out wide, for a boundary! 
18.4 Spencer Johnson to Cameron Boyce, full on leg, a back away to leg and a hit to short cover, but for no run in the end! 
18.3 Spencer Johnson to Harry Conway, short on middle-and-off, and somehow, they take a run off the leg-bye after Conway tried to push it to short mid-wicket. 
Harry Conway, RHB, comes to the crease.
A perfect Yorker to get his 1st BBL wicket.
18.2 Spencer Johnson to Wes Agar, GOT HIM! CLEAN BOWLED! Full and straight, right at the base of the stumps with that yorker, at pace and Agar could not get the bat down in time, and found his off-stump knocked over!

Wes Agar b Spencer Johnson 0 (2b, 0x4, 0x6)