267/5 (50)
242/10 (49.5)
AUS won by 25 runs.
Player of the match: Steven Smith
Finch ends his ODI career with a brilliant win and he takes a photo with his family and the trophy. Surely he will be missed. Australia will travel to India to play three T20 internationals next week and it's going to be a busy two months for them until the World T20.

That brings an end to the coverage and hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, this is Pragadeesh and Pradeep signing off.
Aaron Finch (Captain, Australia): It was a slow start but the partnership between Steve and Marnus was brilliant. To get to 260 in the end was amazing. My family has sacrificed so much for me to achieve all that I have and always grateful for that. It's going to be a busy few days as we go to Sydney for the photoshoot and then fly to India on Thursday, so it's a quick turnaround. It's been a fun ride. Sitting around with teammates and having a beer after winning a match or a series is something that I will miss the most. There are so many people to thank and also I am super thankful to my wife and kids to stick with me through all ups and downs. My career too had lots of ups and downs but to always have the support of the changing room is something I've felt in my whole career.
Kane Williamson (Captain, New Zealand): Slightly improved, once again Australia showed the quality, done that throughout the series, showed their quality and outplayed us in number of areas, they deserve to win the series, there were glimpses but we didn't take it, frustrating at the same time but a lot to learn from a quality team like Australia. I guess you always try to adjust the condition, try and make valuable contribution, we haven't been able to do that to try and put Australia under pressure. Just like to mention Finch as well, what an outstanding ODI career and special service to the game!
Steve Smith is the Player of the Match and Player of the Series!

Steve Smith:
It was nice to get a few today. It was difficult at the start. Their new ball bowlers have been successful throughout the series. I had to get through that period initially and get a few partnerships going. I've always liked batting at 3. I've enjoyed it and hopefully I keep contributing. (On Finch) He's been huge for this team for ten years now. We're all sad to see him go but it's been one hell of a career for him.
Australia beat New Zealand by 25 runs
Steve Smith 105(131) | Glenn Phillips 47(53)
Trent Boult 2-25(2) | Mitchell Starc 3-65(9.5)

Aaron Finch is in all smiles as he ends his ODI career with a fantastic victory. New Zealand's long wait to win an ODI match in the Australian soil continues. Hugs and handshakes all around as Aaron Finch leads the Australian team towards the dugout.

Conway and Allen gave the team a decent start but both got out in quick succession. Australian bowlers bowled splendidly in the middle overs to keep New Zealand on the back foot. Kane Williamson struggled to rotate the strike as the hosts kept things tight. Latham and Mitchell couldn't play a telling knock in the middle and a huge mix-up in the middle sent Williamson back in the hut.

The partnership between Phillips and Neesham gave the visitors a ray of hope but Neesham fell after a fighting knock. Then, Phillips and Santner struck another mini-partnership but the former got out at a crucial time. Sean Abbott takes a spectacular catch to end Phillips's stay in the middle and the crafty bowler came back and dismissed Mitchell Santner to shatter all the New Zeland's hopes of finally winning an ODI match in Australia since 2009
49.5 Mitchell Starc to Trent Boult, OUT! MILES IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Australia clean sweep New Zealand, 3-0! Aaron Finch finishes his ODI career on a high. Length delivery on the off-stump, Boult swings at it, miscued it straight up as Labuschagne comes charging at it from deep covers to take a good sliding catch.
Trent Boult, RHB, walks in at no.11

An inch-perfect yorker from Starc and Austalia are on the verge of clean sweeping New Zealand
49.4 Mitchell Starc to Lockie Ferguson, OUT! KNOCKED HIM OVER! Ferguson's nightmare with the bat comes to an end. Yorker length, tails into Ferguson, gets inside the line to make contact but misses, goes between his legs to crash into the stumps.

Lockie Ferguson b Mitchell Starc 4 (11b 0x4 0x6)
49.3 Mitchell Starc to Lockie Ferguson, angles the length delivery into Ferguson, on the backfoot he clips it to vacant mid-wicket, they hare back for another brace.
49.2 Mitchell Starc to Tim Southee, length delivery on the off-stump, Southee shuffles inside the crease and slams it down to long-off for just one.
49.1 Mitchell Starc to Tim Southee, DID SOUTHEE MAKE IT BACK IN TIME? Umpire thinks no. Length delivery from around the wicket, Southee miscued it over extra-cover, lands safely and they come back for a tight brace.
This is the final over of Aaron Finch's ODI's career
Mitchell Starc (9-0-55-1) comes back into the attack

New Zealand need 31 runs to win from 6 balls
237 /8 score
cricket bat icon Tim Southee
5 (7)
cricket bat icon Lockie Ferguson *
2 (9)
cricket ball icon Sean Abbott
2 /31
48.6 Sean Abbott to Lockie Ferguson, OH! Ferguson just can't seem to pick the slower one's here. Another change of pace, too early to pull and misses, that thuds on the mid-riff.
48.5 Sean Abbott to Tim Southee, bangs another short delivery but a slower one, Southee little too early to pull but goes through with the shot, goes over mid-wicket for just a single.
48.4 Sean Abbott to Tim Southee, FOUR! Too little too late this. Back of a length on the stumps, Southee smacks it straight down the ground, runs away and picks out the ropes.
48.3 Sean Abbott to Tim Southee, change of pace, back of a length on the outside off, Southee down the track has a big heave and a miss.
48.2 Sean Abbott to Lockie Ferguson, slower bouncer, well directed but Ferguson waits to pull that one down to fine-leg for a single.
48.1 Sean Abbott to Lockie Ferguson, pace off to start, short on the outside off, Ferguson with another big swing and a miss.