134/6 (20)
139/4 (13)
Punjab Kings won by 6 wickets
That's all we have from the first of the double-headers. Head over to the second game, as the Kolkata Knight Riders battle it out against the Rajasthan Royals, in a crucial tie for the former's playoff hopes. This is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Shashwat Kumar. Be safe, folks. Adios! 
Well, that will be that then. The narrow losses that PBKS let slip from their grasp will haunt them this season. They could have cruised through to the playoffs but alas. It was one of those "what if" campaigns they might look back on. Nothing they can do about it now except pray that some other sides do them some favours. KL Rahul's approach tonight is something they might look to build on. For now, they've leapfrogged MI and jumped into fifth place. As for CSK, they need to sit back and regather their plans as they head into the playoffs. 
KL Rahul (winning captain and Player of the Match): It was really hot today. The plan was simple. The numbers guys told us a few permutations and combinations and told us what gives us the best chance. We wanted to score it before 14 overs, so I had the licence from ball one. Just one of those days when it comes off. Had complete clarity of what I wanted to do and that was pleasing. All the shots hit the middle of the bat. I don't think I've creamed the ball might this well in some time. That felt nice. Favourite shot was the one I played to Hazlewood. I love the pull and the one over square leg was my favourite. There's been a lot of talk about the strike rates and stuff. Myself and the team know how we want to play. I'll always put the teams need first. I feel like I may end up letting the team down if I play how I want to play. But today, this was how I needed to play. When you get going, you feel like you can hit the ball all over the park. The only thing I tell myself is that I'm not a power player and look to time the ball in the right areas. Today was one of those days where I felt I could hit every ball. Love that feeling, I'm very happy.
A nice moment for Deepak Chahar as he proposed to his girlfriend at the end of the match. Wishing the new couple all the very best! You folks hang around though. Presentations coming up in a bit!
Aiden Markram: It's been brilliant to play in the IPL. It's obviously a tournament where you want to be involved as a player. So, to get an opportunity and be involved with this great bunch of guys has been good fun. Those innings like that (KL Rahul's) don;t come around too often, so he needs to enjoy that. He's done something quite special tonight. Hopefully, he appreciates it. The team went crazy behind the scenes with every shot. It was unbelievable to watch. We need to upskill to be honest. I've been putting in a lot of hours for the same. It's also about watching how some of the best go about their business. Today was a great example of that. Even a knock like Faf's. You can learn so much by just watching and I've done that as much as possible. 
Despite the spirited effort, this might be curtains for the PBKS in this year's IPL. Nonetheless, what a knock by the skipper to bow out. His side have done their bit and can only pray that the other results go their way. As for CSK, it's a bit of a concern in their dugout. They're still in the top two but the three losses on the trot as they head into the playoffs will be a worrying sight for their fans. 

The plan was clear for PBKS. Rahul won the toss and stated that his side will want to chase whatever target they're given as quickly as possible. And boy, didn't he deliver? The only thing in question is that why we don't see that KL Rahul as often. A huge plus for India though, as they look forward to the world cup. His bowlers set the stage for him. A stunning effort to restrict CSK to a paltry 134 on a decent surface. Well, it looked two-faced until Rahul put on a clinical show.

PBKS can rest up and hope RR do them a huge favour tonight, before SRH do the same against MI tomorrow. As for CSK, the three losses on the trot before going into the playoffs is a worrying sign. They'll want to buck up quickly and find their best form in the playoffs. Their batting has been spectacular, but the lack of wickets for the bowlers is a cause of concern. 
MS Dhoni (the losing captain): Well, you have to cope (with three losses). We have played very good cricket to reach the knockout stages. We have to be at our best and we weren't in two of our last three games. Motivation is not a factor. The guys are highly motivated. Maybe we need to tune up on a few things. It would have felt worse to have won the toss and batted first (chuckles). I felt it was a good wicket though.
He sure is a sight to behold when in full flow. KL Rahul falls short of his century but he's sealed the deal for his side with a majestic performance. That'll do their net run rate a world of good. Job done for the skipper. All they can do now is put their feet up and hope that other results go their way.
139 /4 score
cricket bat icon KL Rahul *
98 (42)
cricket bat icon Moises Henriques
3 (3)
cricket ball icon Shardul Thakur
3 /28
12.6 Shardul Thakur to KL Rahul, SIX! THAT WILL BE THAT! Back of a length delivery on middle and off stump. Rahul clears his front leg and smears that one miles up into the air. The ball brings down rain with it and then just clears the deep mid wicket fence! PBKS complete the chase in 13 overs and that should boost their NRR. How will that impact CSK though?
12.5 Shardul Thakur to KL Rahul, FOUR! OH DEAR! Back of a length delivery outside. Rahul goes back and swings that one away towards long on, where Bravo produces an astonishing misfield to allow the boundary!
12.4 Shardul Thakur to Moises Henriques, back of a length delivery outside off stump. Henriques gets onto the back foot and runs the ball down to the sweeper at third man for one
12.3 Shardul Thakur to Moises Henriques, length delivery on middle and off stump. Henriques clears his front leg and hoicks that one past the fielder at mid wicket for a couple
12.2 Shardul Thakur to Moises Henriques, back of a length delivery outside off stump. Henriques shuffles across and looks for the scoop but only toe ends that one back to the bowler
Moises Henriques, right-hand bat, comes to the crease
You hand him the ball when you need a wicket and he'll do the rest. A little too late this time, but Thakur is inevitable. 
12.1 Shardul Thakur to Aiden Markram, OUT! SHARDUL HAS ANOTHER! Length delivery outside off stump that bounces a tad extra. Markram has a waft at it from his crease and gets a thick outside edge that floats through to Dhoni, who does the rest and offers CSK a bit of solace! Shardul Thakur has three wickets now, by the way! Aiden Markram c Dhoni b Thakur 13 (8b 0x4 1x6)
Shardul Thakur is back into the attack

Punjab Kings need 9 runs in 48 balls. Just a matter of completing the formalities. Seems like Rahul will fall short of a well-deserved hundred.
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