India Women 158/4 (20 ov)
South Africa Women 159/4 (20 ov)
South Africa Women won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Laura Wolvaardt
Another win for South Africa then and another series in the bag! The first for them in T20I's against India and what a terrific tour they are having. A tale of missed opportunities for India that not only cost them the game but the series as well, something that they desperately will want t improve like Smriti Mandhana mentioned as well. Once again the big players rising to the occasion for South Africa, the likes of Lizelle Lee, Laura Wolvaardt with fifties and they are too good players to miss out if you give them chances. Lizelle Lee at the top with a brilliant 70 setting up the chase and a magnificent unbeaten 53 from Laura to see them through. 

Disappointing for India after having done good with the bat to get close to 160 but the ground fielding cost them dear. Lots to look upon and improve for them as they will look to salvage some pride in the final T20I. Can the women in blue comeback strong or will South Africa continue their dominance and whitewash the Indians? It surely promises to be another cracking encounter just like this one that went right down the wire and a brilliant game of cricket so to say in the end! 

South Africa were the dominant side, of course, with a lot of luck and they have made winning a sweet habit on this tour. They will be high on confidence after having won the series but you can expect them to not let lose, they are on a streak and India will have do a lot more better to break that and give themselves something to smile for come Tuesday! 
Laura Wolvwaardt (Player of the Match): I didn't start off my innings as quickly as I would have liked, put a bit of pressure on myself. But I knew with this fast outfield we were always in with a chance if we took it deep enough. I'm happy I was there to do that for the team. I think being in these situations has helped me grow as a cricketer. It's not about the individual shots but knowing when to play them, and games like these are important for my future. The responsibility is a bit stressful at the time but in the long run it will do me good. 
Sune Luus (South Africa Captain): I think there's a lot of positives and our confidence levels are where we want them to be. The girls are backing themselves playing fearless cricket and that's what you want. It's amazing to see the girls coming out and it's so good for our future and Cricket South Africa. We know the players coming in back themselves, we back them and they get results like these. Amazing for the youngsters coming up and lot of work being done back home to get to where we are. It's the level of professionalism we need to keep in the last game. It's a chance for us to make it 3-0 and it will be even bigger than a series win. 
Smriti Mandhana (India Captain): I think it was our game but towards the end we couldn't pull it off. Lot of things to learn from the game. The way we fielded we did not deserve to win the game. We have to work on it. I think the way our batters batted was amazing to watch. Specially the youngsters getting us to 150 plus was a good total to defend. We could have done better in the second half. Lot of positives but lots to work on. I don't think we can keep using pressure as an excuse, we have to pull our socks, get better at that. We are practicing hard and hopefully there will be an odd match where we will get it right and things will start happening. 
It's all over! South Africa have won the game off the very last ball and they will take the series as well with that. A no-ball at the wrong time apart from which this was a good final over. Doesn't matter as India have lost another series. First T20I series win for South Africa against India and they will take home both the ODI and T20I trophies home. Historic moment for the Proteas this! 
Over: 20 | Summary: 1 0 1 1 3nb 2 1 Bowler: Arundhati Reddy Score: 159/4
19.6 Arundhati Reddy to Laura Wolvaardt, SOUTH AFRICA WIN! Inside edge on this length delivery on stump line. The non striker sets off for a single and Richa Ghosh fumbles and that means they get there comfortably at the end.
19.5 Arundhati Reddy to Laura Wolvaardt, slower ball, full and outside the off-stump and Laura drives this one down to long-off and they run two. Scores level! Super over anyone?
19.5 Arundhati Reddy to Laura Wolvaardt, NO BALL! Full-toss a little too high this time and Laura has pulled it away to the deep and they get a couple of runs. This might be the game for SA. 3 off 2!
19.4 Arundhati Reddy to Nadine de Klerk, full-length ball outside the off-stump, Nadine reaches out for this one and chips it to the long-on region but can only get a single. 6 off 2!
19.3 Arundhati Reddy to Laura Wolvaardt, full-toss this time, Laura can only manage to pull it away to deep square-leg for just a single. Very close to being called a no ball! Lucky getaway there. 7 off 3
19.2 Arundhati Reddy to Laura Wolvaardt, low full-toss dipping into the batter from outside the off-stump, Laura steps down the track and she is beaten on the under half. Dot ball worth gold at this stage! 8 off 4
19.1 Arundhati Reddy to Nadine de Klerk, low full-toss outside the off-stump. Nadine slogs it away to the deep mid-wicket region and thinks of a second but she is sent back. 8 off 5!
Arundhatti Reddy with the all important final over!
What an eventful over this has turned out to be! A big wicket, what looked to be like a brilliant over for India, then comes that one poor ball and Laura is too good to have missed out on that one. Two boundaries to end the over, a lucky one but it doesn't matter how they come at this stage. This game is getting even tense now and this could go anywhere. Advantage SA?

9 off 6 needed. 
Over: 19 | Summary: 0 W 2 1 4 4 Bowler: Harleen Deol Score: 151/4
18.6 Harleen Deol to Laura Wolvaardt, FOUR! INSIDE EDGE! Tossed up outside the off-stump, Laura comes inside the line of that one and tries to sweep it away. She gets a inside edge that has raced away past short fine-leg for a boundary.
18.5 Harleen Deol to Laura Wolvaardt, FOUR! Short ball this time, Laura goes back to his crease and pulls it away to the right of the deep mid-wicket fielder for a boundary. What a game this is!
18.4 Harleen Deol to Nadine de Klerk, length ball outside the off-stump, Nadine plays this one uppishly but safely to long-off for just a single.
18.3 Harleen Deol to Laura Wolvaardt, full-length ball outside the off-stump, Laura comes down the track and sends this one down to long-on for a single.
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