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Haryana 198/6 (20 ov)
Kerala 194/6 (20 ov)
Haryana won by 4 runs
Haryana wins this match by 4 runs and move on to the next stage of Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021!!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Haryana and Kerala. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Pradeep Somashekar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Sachin then took the onus and started to belt the lead bowlers of the Haryana pace attack. He hammered the boundaries and the sixes and single-handedly brought Kerala closer to the target. 12 runs were needed from the final over could not muster a boundary as Arun bowled brilliantly.

The moment of the match was created when the deep point fielder Chauhan was able to dart a throw on the stumps to run out Sachin (68 in 36) who was the one Kerala was banking on to win this match. A great effort from Kerala batting but this time they are unable to chase down the target at the Wankhede. With that Haryana stay unbeaten in the Group stages of this tournament.
The two new batters Sachin Baby and Vishnu Vinod then started to rebuild the innings for Kerala as they worked the ball around and it the odd boundaries to keep the scoreboard moving for Kerala. The run flow had started to slow down for Kerala entering the final 5 over as they needed 73 runs from the last 5.

In the final 5 overs, Baby took on Chahal and tonks him for a couple of sixes to bring down the run rate a bit. Vishu looks to repeat the same perished in the same and Kerala still had an uphill task as they needed 59 runs in 24 balls.
Kerala Skipper Sanju Samson then joined the crease alongside Azharuddeen and stitched a great partnership as he took the attack and went to score a brilliant half-century. Haryana was starting to get frustrated as the duo managed to put up an 80 run stand and brought the target down to 104 runs needed at the halfway stage.

The change in bowling finally did the trick for them as Sumit Kumar plucked the wicket of Samson for 51 runs in the 11th over. He provided a double blow to Kerala as Azharuddeen as well was sent packing on the final ball of his over as he tried to keep the scoring rate up.
Coming in to chase a huge total in this knockout match, Kerala have been the only team which has been able to chase down huge total's and it would have been worse decision to write them off at that stage. As usual, Robin Uthappa and Mohammed Azharuddeen came out to open the batting for Kerala.

Robin survived a couple of times in the first over itself as the Haryana keeper Rohit Sharma dropped him in the first over itself. Robin failed to capitalize on these chances and finally lost his wicket in the 2nd over and did not do much damage.
What a nail-biting contest, in the end, this turned out to be, a fight to stay at the top of the table to qualify into the next stages of the tournament!! The run out of Sachin Baby in the final over could be said as the deciding moment of this match! It's Haryana who came out on top and will go Ahemdabad for the next phase of this tournament!!
Over: 20 | Summary: 0 1 W 1W 1 4 Bowler: Score: 0/0
19.6 Arun Chaprana to Akshay Chandran, FOUR! Doesn't matter as Haryana pulled off a victory here. Arun Chaprana bowled a decisive final over proved to be a match winning one in the end as Haryana stays unbeaten here with fifth win on the trot! That was another yorker on the wide outside off as Akshay slices that one through the backward point region and races away to the fence!
19.5 Arun Chaprana to Jalaj Saxena, brilliant, this is just brilliant from Arun Chaprana. What a fantastic final over this has been. Bowls a yorker on the middle and off as Jalaj just manages to dig that one out on the on-side for just a single! Arun now needs to bowl just a legal delivery!!
PROBABLY THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR KERALA CHASE HERE!! Kerala need 10 runs from the last 2 balls now!!

Jalaj Saxena is the new batsman in for Kerala and will strike!!
19.4 Arun Chaprana to Sachin Baby, RUN-OUT! OH DEAR! Low full toss on the wide outside off. Baby reaches for it and slices this one away from the backward point region as the sweeper cover gets just in time to stop that one as they come back for a brace but the fielder darted a throw and a direct hit from the deep point region onto the stumps!

Replays suggested that Baby was casual and he's just short of his crease here and that's almost curtains for Kerala here!
Akshay Chandra is the new batsman in!!!
19.3 Arun Chaprana to Salman Nizar, OUT! CAUGHT! Blinder of catch from Jayant Yadav and sends Salman packing! What a nail-biter this has turned out to be, pendulum swinging with Haryana now as they managed to pick up a wicket and importantly a dot ball! Low full toss on the wide outside off as Nizar went for the slog sweep but top edges straight into the deep square leg fielder's throat as Jayant Yadav puts a up a dive to hold on to it!
19.2 Arun Chaprana to Sachin Baby, OH! Full toss on the off stump as Baby fails to capitalize on that and smashes it straight down the ground but falls well in front of the long-on fielder and they get only a single! 11 needed from 4 balls!!
19.1 Arun Chaprana to Sachin Baby, DOT BALL! GOLD! Yorker on the outside off as Baby unable to make contact with that bat as it goes through to the keeper's gloves! Still, 12 runs needed from 5 balls!!
What a dramatic previous over that was, Salman who struggled and was under serious pressure manages to get a boundary right on the final ball of the previous over. Baby as well hammered a maximum and will have the strike for the final over. 12 runs needed off the final over!!

Two players now have the chance to become heroes in this final over!!
Arun Chaprana comes on to bowl the final over!!
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 0 1w 1 6 1 4 Bowler: Score: 0/0
18.6 Mohit Sharma to Salman Nizar, FOUR! Much needed boundary for Kerala and Nizar executes that one to perfection as he dances down the track and whacked that one straight down the ground with low full toss and the long-off fielder makes a mess of that as he misfields which goes through for a boundary!

Kerala need just 12 runs off the last 6 balls now!
18.5 Mohit Sharma to Sachin Baby, slower delivery, touch short on the outside off. Baby waited for it and slashes hard at it but the sweeper cover runs across to keep it to just a single
18.4 Mohit Sharma to Sachin Baby, SIX! SENSATIONAL FROM BABY! Lone hitting from this Kerala batsman as he moved across the off stump for that overpitched delivery and WHACKED that low full toss over deep backward square leg boundary, went into the stands! Down to 17 runs needed off 8 bals!
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