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Kolkata Knight Riders 149/9 (20 ov)
Punjab Kings 150/2 (18.5 ov)
Kings XI Punjab won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Chris Gayle
So, that is it from me, Karthik Raj and my co-commentator, Shashwat Kumar. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda's coverage of the remainder of this IPL season.
Comments from the skippers

Eoin Morgan: Particularly here at Sharjah, you have to counterattack if you lose early wickets, and identify the wicket early. Disappointed with the partnerships, thought we could have scored more (runs). When we were three down, we wanted a partnership going. Around 180-190 would have been a good score, but we kept losing wickets. That's one of the challenges this year, going from ground to ground. Hopefully we adjust to the conditions in Dubai. That's the nature of the tournament, there are not many bad sides. Our fate is in our own hands in the last two games. I think Gill scoring runs and restricting the Kings till the 11th or 12th over, those were the positives.

KL Rahul: We decided to play positive cricket. We believed that things can turn around. A complete team performance. Batting looking good, bowling looking good, fielding has always been good. With the bubble, you don't have your closed ones. The way he (Mandeep) played, it makes everyone emotional. When you have Anil Kumble as the coach, it's not surprising that we have two leg-spinners. Complete team effort, a lot of effort has go to the coaches. It was a very hard decision not to play him (Chris). This is the hungriest I have ever seen him. He's always positive, pushing the youngsters. We have Chris in the dressing room. Just his presence means a lot to us. When we started five games ago, we knew we had to win all the games. One game at a time, keep the confidence going and keep the energy going.
That is it!! KXIP wrap up their fifth consecutive victory in a comfortable fashion. It is a eight-wicket victory with seven balls to spare. The bowlers definitely set up an easy chase but the batsmen still had to do their job. Their openers, KL Rahul and Mandeep Singh got off to a sedate start with 36 runs off the Powerplay. In the last ball of the eighth over, Varun Chakaravarthy got a key wicket in the form of KL Rahul just as the KKR spinners started to get into the groove. However, the introduction of Chris Gayle changed the match on the heads as he attacked both Varun and Sunil Narine. His positive intent also helped Mandeep Singh at the other end as he was going at less than run-a-ball for a long time.

KKR also weirdly held back a trump card like Lockie Ferguson till the 12th over. However, Gayle and Mandeep even took on Ferguson with some fantastic shots. Eventually Mandeep also raised his scoring rate and scored his first fifty of the season. Ferguson did dismiss Gayle but KXIP only needed three runs off 11 deliveries. The duo of Nicholas Pooran and Mandeep took three singles and finished off the chase without any issue.
18.5 Lockie Ferguson to Nicholas Pooran, THAT IS THAT THEN! KXIP INTO FOURTH! Back of a length delivery on middle and leg stump and Pooran just hangs his bat out in front of him. The ball deflects off the splice and into the leg side for a single to end the game!
18.4 Lockie Ferguson to Mandeep Singh, back of a length delivery on off stump. Mandeep stands up on his toes and jabs it towards backward point. He then sends Pooran back who is looking for a single but they eventually get it after an errant throw from point
18.3 Lockie Ferguson to Nicholas Pooran, back of a length delivery on off stump. Pooran hops onto his toes and dabs it towards third man for a single to get off the mark and bring Mandeep back on strike!
18.2 Lockie Ferguson to Nicholas Pooran, full delivery slanted across the batsman just outside off stump. Pooran has a loose poke at it and sees the ball squirm past the outside edge
18.1 Lockie Ferguson to Chris Gayle, OUT! OH DEAR! ANTI CLIMAX! Banged into the track on leg stump and it seems to be the slower delivery as well. He tries to ramp it over short third man but only manages to glove it gently towards the fielder at short third man
KXIP are just a hit away from a superb victory. What a well-compiled chase this has been
Over: 18 | Summary: 0 1 0 4 0 6 Bowler: Pat Cummins Score: 147/1
17.6 Pat Cummins to Mandeep Singh, SIX! BANG! Right in the slot on middle and leg stump and Mandeep just clears his front leg before moussing it over wide long on for a maximum! Just 3 needed now!
17.5 Pat Cummins to Mandeep Singh, dug into the track well outside off stump. Mandeep tries for the ramp again but is late on the stroke as the ball whizzes through to Karthik!
17.4 Pat Cummins to Mandeep Singh, FOUR! Length delivery outside off stump and Mandeep climbs into it! He clears his front leg and lifts it over extra cover for another boundary!
17.3 Pat Cummins to Mandeep Singh, full delivery outside off stump. Mandeep ends up giving himself a little too much room, meaning that he can't reach out to it
17.2 Pat Cummins to Chris Gayle, full delivery on middle and leg stump. Gayle shanks his shot down the ground and collects a single to the fielder on the fence at long on
17.1 Pat Cummins to Chris Gayle, pin point yorker on middle stump. Gayle jams his bat down in time and pats it back to the bowler.
13 runs off Lockie Ferguson's over. The Kiwi pacer did hurry the Universe Boss but he was probably not used effectively. 
Over: 17 | Summary: 4 6 0 1 1 1lb Bowler: Lockie Ferguson Score: 136/1
16.6 Lockie Ferguson to Chris Gayle, back of a length delivery on middle and leg stump and Gayle goes for the Nataraja shot. However, he fails to get any wood on it as the ball deflects off the pads towards third man for a leg bye
16.5 Lockie Ferguson to Mandeep Singh, full delivery on the pads. Mandeep gets inside the line and clips it off his toes towards fine leg before getting down the other end
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