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Kolkata Knight Riders 148/5 (20 ov)
Mumbai Indians 149/2 (16.5 ov)
Mumbai Indians won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Quinton de Kock
Mumbai Indians beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 8 wickets 

Eoin Morgan: We weren’t in the race at all really, being four or five down. Managed to get a score on the board but when Mumbai like that, they are hard to stop. Guys fought hard but just not enough runs on the board. No.4, 5 and 6 we have lot of experience. We’re trying to adapt according to the situations. Don’t think it would have made much difference today.

Mumbai Indians romped to victory with over three overs to spare and Kolata Knight Riders have been humbled by a much superior side which outperformed them in every department of the game. The 149-run chase was always going to be a paltry chase for a mighty batting lineup like Mumbai's but one would have thought KKR bowlers will at least put up a fight. 

However, Pat Cummins and Prasidh Krishna erred in lengths from the starting as Rohit Sharma nonchalantly pulled everything bowled short in his area. After the powerplay overs, it was the turn of South African wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock who continued with the tempo and scored with utmost ease. 

He stood till the end of the chase and remained unbeaten on 78 off 44 deliveries which included 9 boundaries and 3 sixes. After Rohit departed, he held one end and made sure that Mumbai Indians didn't falter at any part of the chase. In the end, he was joined by Hardik Pandya who delighted everybody with a vast array of cricketing shots that left one gasping for breath!

In the end it was a stroll in the park for MI as they garnered their 21st victory over KKR in the history of IPL. Mumbai Indians now sit pretty at the top of the points table and are nearly in the home stretch for qualifying to the playoffs.

So that's that from our side, this is me Abhinav Singh and my partner Balashankar signing out! Do join us in the afternoon at 3:30 PM tomorrow as we bring to you the first match of the double-header Saturday! Until then, stay safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands! Good night fellas
16.5 Chris Green to Hardik Pandya, full ball outside the off-stump, driven to long-off for a single. And that's the game! KKR have been crushed by a mighty Mumbai Indians outfit here! Pandya hits the winning runs!
16.4 Chris Green to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! Short and wide outside the off-stump, he waits for it and throws everything at it. He gets it behind point and takes four runs into his kitty
16.3 Chris Green to Quinton de Kock, low full toss on the stumps, driven straight to long-on for a single
16.2 Chris Green to Hardik Pandya, sees the length and goes for the slog but mistimes it badly. He wants to finish this quickly! Pandya wants that glory shot!
16.1 Chris Green to Quinton de Kock, short and wide, mistimes the cut and takes a single
So that's it, the chase is nearly done and dusted! Mumbai Indians need 8 runs off 24 deliveries after Hardik Pandya delighted us with some visually breathtaking cricketing shots! It's a pity that we don't get to see this facet of Hardik Pandya more in the field!

Chris Green to bowl the 17th over
Over: 16 | Summary: 1 4 0 4 6 0 Bowler: Pat Cummins Score: 141/2
15.6 Pat Cummins to Hardik Pandya, bounces Pandya again and he is happy to leave it. Pandya has got his fill already from that over!
15.5 Pat Cummins to Hardik Pandya, SIX! WHAT A SHOT! Cummins drifts slightly on the legs with this length delivery, Pandya flicks it nonchalantly over the fineleg boundary for a maximum.
15.4 Pat Cummins to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! Full on the stumps, Pandya goes straight back over the bowler's head. This is even better than the previous drive!
15.3 Pat Cummins to Hardik Pandya, he replies with a bouncer, Pandya sees it early and ducks under it. The fast-bowler ego is hurt after that slap back over the umpires head by Hardik Pandya on the previous ball
15.2 Pat Cummins to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! Length ball on the stumps, lofts it with a straight bat delightfully over the fielder at mid-on! WOW! aesthetically pleasing from the Baroda batsman!
15.1 Pat Cummins to Quinton de Kock, slower ball on the leg stump, glanced to fineleg for a single. de Kock is happy knocking the ball around now! MI are motoring along!
QDK smoked KKR's best bowler of the day Shivam Mavi for plenty in that over and with that, chances of KKR staging any comeback probably have gone up in smokes! Final 30 deliveries coming up and MI need 23 runs!

Pat Cummins to bowl his third over from the City End
Over: 15 | Summary: 2 0 4 6 1 0 Bowler: Shivam Mavi Score: 126/2
14.6 Shivam Mavi to Hardik Pandya, good length ball just outside the off-stump, defends it cautiously
14.5 Shivam Mavi to Quinton de Kock, slower short ball, pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a single. Sensible from the southpaw!
14.4 Shivam Mavi to Quinton de Kock, SIX! Drops it marginally short and de Kock has been severe on anything in that area tonight. He swivels on the backfoot and deposits it over the fineleg boundary for a maximum. That MAXIMUM was the sign of a batsman who is seeing the white kookaburra like a football!
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