235/7 (41)
239/4 (36.1)
ENG won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Jason Roy
That's it from me, Rajarshi, and my co-commentator of the day, Abhishek, as we wrap our cricketing coverage up for the day. We will be back with 4 ECS matches tomorrow, starting at noon as per IST, with Bidipto and Rishab starting off with all the action. Good night!
Match summary:
Toss: Netherlands, opted to bat
(Match reduced to 41 overs due to rain)

Netherlands 235/7 (41 Overs)
Scott Edwards 78(73), David Willey 2/46 (8 overs)

England 239/4 (36.1 Overs)
Phil Salt 77(54), Aryan Dutt 2/55 (9 overs)

England win by 6 wickets with 29 balls to spare.

The English openers pretty much killed the game off once the pair brought up a 100-run stand within 15 overs. They didn't even have to break a sweat; Jason Roy and Phil Salt were frequently finding the fence with conventional cricketing shots without trying too hard. The Netherlands didn't start off well with the ball, and they had to pay the price for it. Roy's departure at the end of the 17th over gave the Dutch a sense of relief; the same over had seen 17 runs been plundered off it. 

Dawid Malan then walked in and proceeded to steady the ship alongside Salt. With the pressure of not needing to go after the spin, the duo could fetch the runs by simply finding the gaps and rotating strike, with the odd boundary in between. Phil Salt was looking good for a successive hundred but had to depart soon, trying to swat one across the line and having his furniture re-arranged. 

The fall of Morgan's and Livingstone's wickets in succession did give the Netherlands a sniff in the game. The ball was starting to grip and turn off the surface, and Moeen Ali and Dawid Malan had to be extra watchful against the off-spin of Aryan Dutt and Tom Cooper. Malan was given out leg before to one that turned and beat the outside edge, only for ball tracking to rule it out. Once Moeen got accustomed to the conditions, he and Malan decided that enough was enough and took the spinners on. 

The floodgates opened with Teja Nidamanuru, brought into the attack to chip in some of his off-spin as well, dragging one halfway down, and Malan smashing him halfway up the stands at mid-wicket. Moeen Ali then took 12 out of the 13 in the next over off Tom Cooper, and then almost finished things off by taking on Tim Pringle's left-arm spin two overs later. With one run left to get, Logan van Beek delayed the inevitable by bowling a fierce maiden over. Malan, despite having an entire over to hit the winning run, failed to do so, and Moeen Ali got it done first ball of the next over itself. He finished with 42, Malan had 36 to his name and England have 10 more points to their tally! 
Eoin Morgan, England captain: The guys played really well. It was great to see Brydon Carse come and hit the series with pace. Salt showed what he is capable of and Roy did well in his 100th game. The wicket slowed up a bit, even though we bat deep, another 40 runs would have troubled us. The strength and depth grows deeper and deeper, it's a great time for English cricket, lots of players who've challenged for spots in the team. Pieter's contribution to the Dutch team has been outstanding, and wish him well on behalf of England team.
Scott Edwards, Netherlands captain: Plenty of positive to take away today, put up a better performance, bowling was a lot better, but the opening partnership cost us, and we might have been 30 runs short. (On his own knock) Was feeling good out there with the bat, but we missed out on the chance to get to a score of 260. Pringle got a good head on his shoulders, he bowled well. Potentially (On whether they could have been more brave with the bat) although we weren't far off the mark there, a couple of wickets cost us. England have got us in the powerplay, Just got to figure out how to get them at the powerplay.
Jason Roy, Player Of The Match: To receive my 100th cap was a huge honour, especially in this side to play 100 games, it is extremely incredible. There was a slight stutter there at the end maybe they bowled and fielded well, but we managed to get over the line. (On Phil Salt) He's a lovely fellow to bat with, smacks the ball quite well quite a bit unbelievable fellow. English cricket is in a very healthy state, the lads have been putting a lot of hard work in... just nice to be back with the badge on.
And that's the series to England! They eventually get there with 6 wickets and 29 balls to spare! The Netherlands did try to crawl back in the game after having been blown away at the start, but it was never going to be enough.
36.1 Shane Snater to Moeen Ali, FOUR TO FINISH THINGS OFF! It is Ali who hits the winning runs as he glances the length delivery aiming the middle stump past the square leg fielder inside the circle for a boundary. England win by 6 wickets. 
Shane Snater (3-0-22-0) is back into the attack
We get another over in the game! A maiden over for van Beek with 1 run left!
235 /4 score
cricket bat icon Dawid Malan *
36 (50)
cricket bat icon Moeen Ali
38 (39)
cricket ball icon Logan van Beek
0 /26
35.6 Logan van Beek to Dawid Malan, MAIDEN! A wide yorker hit hardly on the deck as Malan goes for the swing but misses. 
35.5 Logan van Beek to Dawid Malan, length and around middle, Malan goes on the backfoot to defend it towards the pitch. 
35.4 Logan van Beek to Dawid Malan, full and outside off again, this time Malan does get the connection but hands the ball straight back to the bowler. 
35.3 Logan van Beek to Dawid Malan, full and outside off, that stayed low as Malan swings and misses. 
35.2 Logan van Beek to Dawid Malan, short and around the middle, Malan ducks underneath as the umpire signals one for the over. 
35.1 Logan van Beek to Dawid Malan, full and outside off, Malan drives it with soft hands towards the cover point. 
Well, they left 1 more to get after that over.
235 /4 score
cricket bat icon Dawid Malan
36 (44)
cricket bat icon Moeen Ali *
38 (39)
cricket ball icon Tim Pringle
1 /51
34.6 Tim Pringle to Moeen Ali, FOUR TO END THE OVER! Length and around off, Ali adjusts himself and slaps a powerful shot off the backfoot which flies past the onrushing mid off for a boundary. 
Ball's in the bushes! The fourth umpire makes his way to the middle with a suitcase full of cricket balls now.