Australia Women 149/7 (25 ov)
New Zealand Women 128/9 (25 ov)
Australia Women won by 21 runs.
Player of the match: Alyssa Healy
Australia won this match by 21 runs

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Jess Kerr down the order did provide some late flourish along with Lea Tahuhu providing some promising signs for the White Ferns in the future. The boundaries scored by them came a bit too late and not were nt enough to get them across the line.
The Australians continued to rip through the overs as they were looking to make this match a valid one. The reason being there was a slight drizzle in the middle overs which fortunately did not last long and interrupt the game. They were successful in doing so as they never allowed the White Ferns to settle in.
And just after that, Amy was sent packing as well, she was unable to read the spin and did not have her feet moving at all. After that, the brakes were just put on the White Ferns as they were unable to find the boundaries at all.
The wickets just started to tumble after that over as Australian bowlers started to strangle the White Ferns. In the following over after Hayley's loss, a bit of hesitation and miscommunication causes them another wicket in the form of Amelia.
Amy and Hayley did build a partnership between themselves in, the scoring rate did not rise for the White Ferns as Australian bowlers continued to press on and kept things tight. Just past the 10 over mark, Hayley looking to shift gears loses her wickets.
Katey trying to slog a full toss by Megan hit is straight to the sweeper at long-on. Australia were making bowling changes as well as bowling out the overs thick and fast to create pressure on the White Ferns. Amy Satterthwaite the White Ferns skipper then came out to the middle.
Coming to chase the target of 150 runs, had a decent start as Katey Martin and Hayley Jensen came out to open the batting for White Ferns. Initially, they found a lucky boundary but later but as the over and as it looked like the duo was set they lost a wicket.
The rain shortened the play today at Bay Oval as the match was reduced to 25 overs per side. The White Ferns bowled well through the first innings and restricted the strong Australian batting unit to under 150 runs. Leigh once again was the pick of the bowlers as she got 3 wickets.
A comprehensive victory for Australia as they continue to prove their dominance in this game. Australia ripped through their overs quickly and did not allow the White Ferns batters to settle in. Australia extends their winning streak to 24 matches with this one.
Over: 25 | Summary: 1 4 W 1W 0 1 Bowler: Megan Schutt Score: 0/0
24.6 Megan Schutt to Lea Tahuhu, AUSTRALIA WIN BY 21 RUNS! Full and angling into the stumps and Tahuhu plays this one away for a single and take their unbeaten streak to 24 wins. What a team this is!
24.5 Megan Schutt to Lea Tahuhu, full and angling into and beats the bat this time as she tries to play this one to the leg side
Rosemary Mair the last White Ferns player comes out to the middle now
24.4 Megan Schutt to Lea Tahuhu, OUT! Kasperek, run out! Full in and angling into the stumps, Tahuhu plays this one away to the leg side for a single and wants to get back on strike with the second and calls her partner through for an unlikely second. Kasperek was out by a huge margin at the end
Leigh Kasperek is the new batswoman in for White Ferns
24.3 Megan Schutt to Lauren Down, OUT! CAUGHT! Slower one on a length on stump line, Down was early into the shot this time and she gets a leading edge on the pull shot and it just pops up to point for a simple catch
24.2 Megan Schutt to Lauren Down, EDGED! Full and outside the off-stump, Down looking to drive this one away gets a thick outside edge past point for a boundary. 4 sixes needed in 4 balls now to pull off a miracle.
24.1 Megan Schutt to Lea Tahuhu, full and in the blockhole angling into the batter as he makes room, Tahuhu gets this off the inside edge to the short fine-leg fielder for just a single
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